Top Five Best Blenders for Smoothies on The Market Today

    RankProductReview Score
    1Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender By Breville10Buy on Amazon
    2Vitamix 5200–7 YR WARRANTY Variable Speed Countertop Blender By Vitamix9.9Buy on Amazon
    3Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) By Ninja9.7Buy on Amazon
    4Blendtec Total Blender, FourSide Jar, Black By Blendtec9.4Buy on Amazon
    5Omega BL470S 3 Peak Horse Power Commercial Blender 9.2Buy on Amazon

    Top 5 Blenders For Smoothies

    Shopping for a new smoothie blender shows that you want to make sure you can always enjoy a smoothie in the comfort of your own home and also one that you can prepare according to your own recipe. But if this is the first smoothie blender you buy, how can you ensure you get the best one?

    First of all, if you’d like to get a blender that makes smoothies, you should make sure it can puree and also liquefy. On top of that, it’s also recommended that you go for a unit that has a secure and also wide foundation.

    If you used a blender before, then you know that during the blending operation the unit can vibrate quite a lot. However, to make sure this doesn’t happen, go for a unit that has a large base to hold the container steady while blending. For those who want a unit specifically designed for making smoothies, choosing a blender with a hole formed into the lid is mandatory, since it allows you to add ingredients during the blending process.

    Capacity is yet another important feature you have to keep in mind, so that’s why you have to get a blender that has enough capacity to make smoothies for a certain number of people. If you’re buying it just for you, then go for a lower capacity model, since these are much cheaper and therefore will save you good money.

    Lastly, make sure the blades of the blender can be removed easily and that they’re also sharp enough and can easily blend ice and tougher foods. As for the wattage range, anything between 300W to 700W or more is a winner.

    Top 5 Blenders For Smoothies:

    1. Vitamix 5200 – 7 YR WARRANTY Variable Speed Countertop Blender with 2 HP Motor and 64-Ounce Jar
    2. Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender
    3. Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600)
    4. Blendtec Total Blender, FourSide Jar, Black
    5. Omega B2300


    Vitamix 5200 – 7 YR WARRANTY Variable Speed (View on

    Many of those who have used it have called the Vitamix 5200 the best blender for smoothies and that is due to the fact that this is one of the best blenders you can get for the money. So what does this bad boy feature?

    To begin with, the Vitamix 5200 includes a toggle for switching to the highest speed setting, a dial that allows you to control the variable speed and also an on and off switch. If you want to blend hot or thick mixtures, then you can use the variable speed dial and the same applies for those who want to grind meat or chop foods.

    The blending jar that’s made of co-polyester is large enough at sixty four ounces to make plenty of smoothies at once and it also comes with a special lid that has been redesigned and features a twist-out plug that can also be used as a measuring cup. As for the colors, you can get it in either red, white and black.

    Never used a blender before? No problem and that’s because the Vitamix 5200 also comes with a very helpful DVD that teaches you how to use the blender like a true professional. You also get a selection of whole foods recipes, a tamper that helps you with pushing frozen or thick ingredients into the blade even while the blender is running and an owner’s manual. All in all, this is a pretty great blender that can blend your favorite foods easily, fast and without waking up the entire neighborhood.

    Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender (View on

    If you’re looking for your first blender, then you may not want to look further than the new Breville BBL605XL. This is an easily to use, versatile and also stylish blender that has a great performance and can easily crush ice and other tough ingredients you may choose to blend in it. While you’d say that for the price there are cheaper blenders out there you can consider, the Breville BBL605XL is in a league of its own, since it can crush ice, but also pulverize cheddar cheese like it’s nothing.

    Using the BBL605XL couldn’t be easier and that’s because it features easy to operate and intuitive controls. There are 5 speeds and 3 presets which are labeled clearly, so that you know which does what. And since the blender has a hemispherical shape, cleaning it seems to be a breeze, because there is no way that food can get stuck in crevices and make it a nightmare to clean. If you want, you can also put it in your dishwasher.

    In terms of design, the BBL605XL is available in three colors including cranberry red, black sesame and brushed metal. Given these color options, you’ll be able to make sure that it fits your kitchen perfectly. It also has a small form factor of seven by eight inches, so it won’t take up too much space on your kitchen countertop. As for capacity, the BBL605XL can make 48 oz of smoothies and since it’s BPA free, you don’t have to worry about your smoothies being mixed with dangerous chemicals.

    Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) (View on

    If you love to make and enjoy smoothies every day, but don’t want to break the bank, then the best blender for smoothies you can buy to fit this criteria is the Ninja NJ600 blender. Featuring a professional grade power base, but also an expansive blending capacity, the NJ600 is perfect if you want to make large batches of smoothies for a family gathering or for parties.

    In terms of capacity, the NJ600 comes with a 72 ounce jar, while the heavy duty plastic pitcher combines the benefits of lightweight plastic with scratch resistant durability making it a breeze to pour, lift and enjoy.

    However, we all know that a blender is as good as its ability to crush the various produce you throw at it, so how well does the NJ600 fare in this department? Well, there are 3 speeds you can use and you can choose between low and high to perfectly blend anything from fruits, to vegetables and also ice thanks to its 1000W pulverizing power. If you need it, this model also comes with a pulse function.

    Do you want to make various foods for you or your baby? No problem, because the advanced six blade assembly is specially made to handle tough foods. These blades are also positioned evenly throughout the blender to make sure that the food is blended perfectly in just seconds. As you can see, the NJ600 is a very powerful blender that can blend almost anything and given the fact that it also comes with a recipe book, it’s certainly going to make you feel very lucky to have it in your kitchen.

    Blendtec Total Blender, FourSide Jar (View on

    The Blendtec TB-621-20 may look like an ordinary blender, but there is nothing ordinary about it. This is a very powerful unit that is designed for home use and matter if you want to make margaritas, cappuccinos, bread dough, ice cream, fresh juice or smoothies, it can perfectly handle all of these with great ease.

    First of all, this model can replace a total of 9 appliances, saving you tons of money and space. In terms of performance, the Blendtec TB-621-20 comes with a patented two-prong stainless steel blade that can cut through even the toughest foods and easily pulverize them. If you don’t know what speed you need to use to blend various foods, then you have no reason to worry, since there are already 6 presets you can use to make a variety of delicious smoothies and other delicious drinks and foods.

    Better yet, the Blendtec TB-621-20 comes with its own recipe book, helping you to get started on seeing what this bad boy can do once it’s in your kitchen. Warranty wise, the manufacturer has included a 1 year warranty for the coupling blade and a 3 years warranty for the base. If you need a lot of power and also a blender that looks pretty amazing on your countertop, then look no further than the Blendtec TB-621-20!

    Omega BL470S 3 Peak Horse Power Commercial Blender (View on

    Those who’ve read the blender for smoothies reviews know that the Omega B2300 is a pretty well built and designed blender that features 2 speeds and comes with a 64 oz polycarbonate jar which is large enough to make smoothies for a few people. The motor on this unit is a powerful 2HP motor that will ensure every smoothie you make is going to taste amazing and feel very smooth when you enjoy it. With all that power though, you may think that this thing will make your house vibrate, but that’s not true.

    This is because it features stabilizing feet that greatly reduce vibration even while using the blender at full swing. Weight wise, the Omega B2300 is twelve pounds and it also comes with 2 switches: one of them can be used to select your desired speed and the other for turning the blender on and off.

    But how about safety, you may think? Well, this model is ETL and ETL c sanitation approved unit, so it doesn’t incorporate any hazardous parts or materials. In terms of warranty, Omega has included a 5 year warranty which gives you the peace of mind that this is a very reliable blender you can use every day and get the same amazing results you got in your first day of use.

    The Best Smoothie Blender:

    In my book, if you’re really looking for the best smoothie blender that will make your smoothies taste amazing, then there is no reason for you to look any further than the Breville BBL605XL. During the several days I had this unit for testing, I chose to blend some of the toughest foods I know, including cheddar cheese, hard fruits and also hard ice. This bad boy handled all of them perfectly and I was more than surprised with how powerful it really is.

    Garmin zumo 590LM

    Buy The Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender on

    This is a top-rated blender that’s very simple to use as well, given the fact that it comes with 3 presets and 5 speeds which combined can help you make the smoothest and most delicious smoothies you’ve ever had. A big plus is the fact that it’s dishwasher safe, so after you’re done using it, you can just put it in your dishwasher and that’s it.

    Since I’m only living with my girlfriend, the 48 oz jar is more than enough for us and we can both enjoy a delicious smoothie at any given time of day in seconds. A big plus is also the fact that the BBL605XL is BPA free, so there’s no reason for you to worry about getting harmful chemicals in your system every time you use it.

    At the end of the day, this is the best blender I’ve ever used and given the build quality and features it offers, it’s by far a winner. As an alternative, if you want something that’s cheap, but still offers you pretty impressive results, then you may want to go for the Ninja Master Prep (QB900B).