Top Ten Best Clothes Steamers on The Market Today

    RankProductReview Score
    1Rowenta DG84 Pro Precision Steam Station By Rowenta8.6Buy on Amazon
    2Rowenta IS9200 Precision Valet Commercial Garment Steamer By Rowenta8.6Buy on Amazon
    3Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment Steamer By Rowenta8.4Buy on Amazon
    4J-4000 Jiffy Garment Steamer with Plastic Steam Head By Jiffy Steamer8.4Buy on Amazon
    5SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press By Singer8.4Buy on Amazon
    6Steam Fast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam Press By Steamfast8.2Buy on Amazon
    7Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer By Steamfast8Buy on Amazon
    8SINGER SteamWorks Pro 1500 Watt Garment & Fabric Steamer By Singer8Buy on Amazon
    9SALAV Professional Series Dual Bar Garment Steamer By Salav8Buy on Amazon
    10Vapamore MR-75 Amico Hand Held Steam Cleaner By Vapamore7.6Buy on Amazon

    Top 10 Clothes Steamers reviews

    Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer (View on

    Steamfast is one of the most popular steamers brands on the market today and with their latest steamer, the SF-510 they have managed to raise the bar for the rest of the manufacturers out there. The SF-510 is a very reliable and effective steamer that can easily penetrate very deeply into the fabrics to easily release wrinkles and relax fibers, but also freshen your clothes in seconds.

    However, it’s also very gentle with your most delicate fabrics, yet powerful enough to be used to effectively clean upholstery, drapes and many other types of heavy materials. After all, with a 1500W motor that is capable of producing steam in 45 seconds, what else do you expect?

    When it comes to the water tank, it has a capacity of 46 ounces and it can be easily removed when it’s time to be refilled. With the SF-510 you can get up to 50 minutes of continuous steam time, which means that you can easily steam a lot of clothes without having to worry about refilling the water tank.

    In terms of build quality, the SF-510 features an adjustable and also detachable telescopic pole which allows you to reach a wide variety of heights for optimal comfort and convenient storage. As for the accessories, you get an attachable fabric brush that helps you brush away particles such as loose threads, hairs and lint, but also a clothes hanger that helps support your garments so you can easily steam them.

    Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet (View on

    The Rowenta IS6200 seems to tread on the footsteps of the company’s most popular steamers and that is because this bad boy is one of the best steamers you’ll ever use. One of the first things that you’ll love about is that it comes with a delicate crease removal solution with a really powerful vertical steam. And with its ability of delivering thirty grams of steam a minute, you can easily realize just how fast this is going to penetrate your clothes in order to remove even the most stubborn wrinkles, but also bad odors. You also get a large integrated hanger that makes it really simple to hang your clothes easily and eventually steam them to perfection.

    Comfort wise, the IS6200 features an ergonomic handle that is really easy to hold, while the tilt and go system allows you to transport it from one room to another in seconds. But what about the water tank, you’d ask? Well, the IS6200 comes with a 81 ounce large and transparent water tank that can heat up in just sixty seconds, so you won’t need to worry about waiting for ages to get some steam.

    Better yet, Rowenta has designed the IS6200 with safety in mind, so if the water tank runs out of water, the steamer is going to turn off automatically to prevent damage to the unit. There is also a soft touch handle that stays cool during operation, so steaming your pants or your shirt with the IS6200 is going to be a total pleasure.

    Rowenta DG84 Pro Precision Steam Station (View on

    You can finally get to the bottom of the toughest and most stubborn wrinkles thanks to the all new Rowenta DG8430. This is an amazing and professional steam station that delivers a powerful and unrivaled jet of steam that can easily tackle upholstery, curtains and drapes better than you can imagine.

    The DG8430 can easily achieve this thanks to its powerful 1800W motor that is capable of producing steam for up to one hour thanks to its extra large 33 ounce water tank. If you’re a sewing enthusiast, then you can easily pre-shrink fabrics, smooth them and also press seams that can’t be washed, making it easier for you to create wonderful fabric works of art that are going to look simply amazing.

    The Rowenta DG8430 also offers you a vertical steam options which allows you to easily remove wrinkles from drapes, but also hanging garments, while the variable steam makes it possible for you to easily adjust the steam based on the type of fabric you want to steam.

    The DG8430 was designed with perfection in mind and that is why Rowenta also added a Calc-away valve that makes it simple to clean your clothes, while at the same time maintain optimal performance. And because most of us tend to drag our steamers, Rowenta fitted the DG8430 with a twelve foot power cord and a six foot steam cord to boot.

    SINGER SteamWorks Pro 1500 Watt (View on

    Being able to output up to ninety minutes of continuous steam, the Singer Steamworks Pro 1500 is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to freshen and clean a wide variety of fabrics, from wool to silk in just forty five seconds.

    Given the fact that the Steamworks Pro 1500 features a series of useful accessories, but also a telescopic pole with a versatile 360 degree rotating hanger, handling it is going to be a breeze. To be more specific about what it comes with, you’ll get a pair of protective gloves, a handheld steaming board (which is perfect for shirt pockets), but also a fabric brush and a crease clip.

    But how is it possible to get that massive 90 minutes steam time? Well, when you fit a 2.5 liter water tank to a steamer, then what else do you expect? This bad boy is also intelligently designed and when you’re finished using it, it’s going to turn off by itself. And thanks to the dual clip system and the fact that you can use it for linens, drapes, garments and many other types of fabrics, the Steamworks Pro 1500 is by far one of the most versatile steamers you can currently get.

    J-4000 Jiffy Garment Steamer (View on

    If you want to make a bet with one of your friends on the fact that the Jiffy J-4000 is the best steamer on the market in many ways when compared to other models, then you’ll win by a mile. Why is that? Well, first of all, the J-4000 was designed with efficiency in mind, so no matter what type of fabric you throw at it, it’s going to easily blast wrinkles like their nothing. Unlike the rest of the steamers on the market, you won’t see and hear the J-4000 sputter, hiss or spit while the steam is in use or heating up.

    Now when it comes to the motor, you’ll get a 1500W of steaming power that allows you to get steam in maximum 17 minutes. And since most of us are worried about using the steamer even when there’s no more water left in the water tank (which in our case is a 1 gallon water tank), the J-4000 has been designed with a sight gauge so that you can easily see the water level at all times.

    Lastly, the length of the drapery hose is 7.5 feet, while the length of the garment hose is 5.5 feet. As you can see, they are both long enough to guarantee you’ll never have to worry about accidentally dragging the steamer after you when wanting to steam your clothes.

    SALAV Professional Series Dual Bar (View on

    The Salav GS45 is a professional garment steam that features a powerful 1500W motor that can heat up water in order to produce steam in as little as 45 seconds and then provide you with over sixty minutes of continuous steam. With so much going on for the GS45, it’s simple to realize that you can easily use it in order to steam a lot of clothes without having to worry about refilling the 61 oz water tank. No matter if you need to clean or straighten wrinkles from upholstery, drapes or clothes, the GS45 is going to handle all of them like a champ.

    However, Salav didn’t want to design just another clothes steamer and that is why they fitted the GS45 with a mini ironing paddle, a fabric brush and a pants press to make steaming your favorite clothes even easier. In order to regulate hose surface heat and maintain steam temperature, this model comes with a 4.6 foot double insulated hose, while the dual telescopic bar makes storing the Salav GS45 a breeze, but also improves its stability. On top of that, if it overheats or if there is no more water left in the water tank, then the steamer is going to turn off automatically.

    Rowenta IS9200 Precision Valet (View on

    When you’ll first see the IS9200 from Rowenta, you’ll notice that it has a striking design, but that is what actually makes it so interesting and at the same time so effective. First of all, operating the IS9200 is done by using the foot operated pedals and let me tell you that using them is both comfortable and convenient. And if with other steamers it’s impossible or hard to control the steam amount, that’s not going to be the case with this steamer. You can use the variable steam control to adjust the amount of steam you need no matter if you want to steam your upholstery, your shirts or other types of fabric.

    As you’ll immediately be able to tell, the IS9200 is quite powerful given the fact that it can heat up in just sixty seconds and provide you with enough steam so you can steam for as long as two and a half hours.

    Using the Rowenta IS9200 is a breeze and that is thanks to the telescopic pole which pushes down when it’s time to store the steamer and adjusts height for comfort. As for the accessories, you’ll get 2 built in hooks, a removable water tank, an upholstery brush, a fabric brush, a lint brush, but also a built in hanger.

    Steam Fast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam Press (View on

    How would you feel if someone would tell you that there is a product that combines an ironing board and an iron in a single product? Well, if you doubt one such product exists, then behold the new Steamfast SF-680. This is a digital fabric steam press that can effortlessly remove deep wrinkles in just seconds by intelligently distributing the amount of steam on the garments without damaging them.

    The SF-680 also comes with a non-stick pressing surface that is nine times larger when compared to the majority of conventional irons and therefore saves you a lot of time and makes steaming much more enjoyable. However, we’ve all had clothes that had extremely stubborn wrinkles to remove and if your old steamers couldn’t remove them, then the SF-680 is up to the task. How? Well, this is possible thanks to its steam burst function that allows you to get a professional creased look without a trip to the dry cleaners.

    And if you’re curious about how powerful the SF-680 is, well, its 1350 wattage power is enough to produce steam in seconds and with a tank that holds ten ounces of water and uses a dual vaporizing method for significantly less moisture while steaming, you’ll only get professional results when using this bad boy. Just don’t tell your friends about it, since they’ll be really jealous of you!

    SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press (View on

    Has Singer ever disappointed us when it comes to high quality steam presses that make your clothes look like brand new? Of course not and with their latest model, the Singer Sewing Steam Press, you’ll be able to get professional results twice as fast when compared to a traditional steam press. This model comes with a die-cast aluminum base, which allows for steady and easy pressing for perfectly looking garments.

    To make sure the temperature is just right, you’ll be able to read it on the digital LED display, but you can also choose from a variety of temperature settings depending on the type of fabric you want to steam. The options include linen, cotton, wool, silk and also nylon.

    The thing is that no matter how great a steam press may be, there are always those stubborn wrinkles that can give you a very hard time. However, with the Singer Sewing Steam Press you don’t need to worry about them, since with the burst mode activated, you can concentrate a higher amount of steam in order to easily remove those annoying wrinkles in seconds. As for the water tank, it’s capable of holding 300 ml, so it’s enough for you to easily steam a few garments without having to worry about refilling it.

    Vapamore MR-75 Amico Hand Held Steam Cleaner (View on

    Using the power of steam, the new Vapamore MR-75 was designed to sanitize and clean your clothes and your home better than a lot of the other steamers on the market today. Since this is a handheld steamer, the cleaning possibilities it offers are virtually unlimited. You can use it in order to steam your clothes, but also to clean the bathroom, your kitchen, grout and even for detailing your car.

    What makes the MR-75 special is the fact that it is able to output steam at a PSI of 43.5 and since it uses high temperature steam, you won’t need to worry about using expensive and even dangerous cleaning chemicals in your house. And since it features a great array of fifteen attachments and accessories, it’s easy to realize that it can be used to clean just about any surface.

    When it comes to steam time, the MR-75 can heat up in just four minutes and can help you steam your clothes or anything else you want for ten minutes at a time. As for the warranty, Vapamore is extremely confident in their product and that is why they offer a lifetime warranty for this model. If you know something about steamers and steam presses, then you already know that this kind of warranty is very rare in this industry and it goes to show that this is a very reliable product that’s never going to let you down.

    The Best Steam Press

    After trying out all the steamers in my review, it was obvious to me that the
    Steamfast SF-680 was far ahead the rest of them thanks to its amazing ability of removing some of the most stubborn wrinkles I’ve seen in my life. One of the things I love about it is its intelligent steam distribution, which ensures that the garments are cleaned and the wrinkles removed in a matter of seconds.

    Buy The Steam Fast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam Press on

    Even more, you even get a burst function that is very useful if you have clothes with really bad wrinkles that don’t seem to be removed through regular steaming. In fact, I just made a 10 years old shirt look almost brand new the other and I my wife thought I bought it new. Talk about efficiency!

    All in all, I offer the SF-680 my highest recommendation to those who want to ensure their clothes are kept looking brand new for as long as possible and those who want to get a good steamer that doesn’t poke their wallets.

    The Best Steamer

    For connoisseurs, the Rowenta DG84 Pro is by far one of the best steamers out there, not only because it’s designed efficiently, but it also features 1500W of power that allows you to steam your clothes faster and better than ever. If with other steamers you have to be guess when they’re out of water, the Rowenta DG84 Pro comes with a sight gauge that allows you to see how much water is left at any given time.

    Buy The Rowenta DG84 Pro Precision Steam Station on

    Forget about sputtering, hissing or spitting which is the norm with many other steamers, since the Rowenta DG84 Pro doesn’t make any of these annoying sounds while it’s heating up or while using it. Because of its quiet operation and powerful steam, you can now easily steam your clothes without getting distracted by the annoying sounds you’d otherwise need to put up with if you’d go with a regular steamer.