10 Best Fitness Trackers That Will Ensure You Get In Shape

    RankProductReview Score
    1Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch
    9.9Buy on Amazon
    2Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch
    9.7Buy on Amazon
    3Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband
    9.6Buy on Amazon
    4Polar A300 Fitness Tracker and Activity Monitor
    9.4Buy on Amazon
    5Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer
    9.3Buy on Amazon
    6Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker
    9.3Buy on Amazon
    7Nike+ Fuelband SE Fitness Tracker
    8.9Buy on Amazon
    8Nike+ FuelBand First Generation
    8.5Buy on Amazon
    9Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband
    8.3Buy on Amazon
    10Jawbone UP2 Lightweight Thin Strap Fitness Tracker
    8Buy on Amazon

    Fitness TrackersA fitness tracker helps you stay in shape or get in shape, record the steps you take every day, keep track of the calories you burn and even get an idea of how well you sleep at night.

    Many of the latest models use technology that lets you connect the device to your smartphone or computer to keep a log of your performance and how well you improve your performance over time.

    Though Fitbit is the top manufacturer of these little devices, we found that the Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch (View Product on Amazon.com) did all the same things but was more effective.


    How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker

    We know that finding a fitness tracker might seem confusing. Between the fit, style and features, you may not know what to look for or what you need. That is why we created a simple list of the top features and things to look for in a fitness tracker.


    Make sure that the fitness tracker you select is compatible with your smartphone. While some models work with all phones, others will only work with Apple or Android devices. A small number of companies make trackers that are compatible with Windows phones too.


    Fitness trackers come in a wide range of sizes that fit wrists, including extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. Read the description carefully to determine what size you need based on the circumference of your wrist. If you have larger hands, you may need one that comes with additional links.

    How You Wear It

    While you might think that all manufacturers design fitness trackers that you wear around your wrist, this isn’t actually true. Some companies make smaller models that you can clip on to your pocket, slip inside your pocket or wear on your belt. You’ll also find some new designs that you wear on a necklace around your neck.

    Battery Life

    A good fitness tracker should last for at least three to five days on a single charge, but some can last for as long as 10 days between charges. The longer the battery lasts, the less you’ll feel tied down to your computer or outlet.

    Optional Accessories

    When shopping for a fitness or activity tracker, look at any optional accessories that are available from the manufacturer. Fitbit, Jawbone and other companies make bands that you can swap out to change the look of your tracker. Other companies like Polar make sensors that monitor other aspects of your fitness level as you workout.

    Top Fitness Trackers on the Market

    1. Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch

    Polar V800 GPS Sports WatchFor Serious Athletes

    This Polar sports watch combines everything you love about a sports watch with everything you love about a fitness tracker and puts those features into one simple design.

    It comes with a built-in GPS tracker that finds and identifies your exact location and keeps track of how far you walked or ran in a single session. As a fitness tracker, it lets you track and record your progress for future use and keeps track of your activity level 24/7. It’s the only fitness tracker we found that actually keeps track of your heart rate and other features as you’re active or resting.

    You can also use it as a triathlon watch with Bluetooth Smart sensors to train for the running and cycling portions of your upcoming race. With the optional heart rate monitor from Polar, you can even track your heart rate while swimming and training.


    2. Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

    Fitbit Surge Fitness SuperwatchThose on the Go

    Fitbit makes its first appearance on our list of the best fitness trackers with the Surge, which is the best model for those on the go. Everything you need to know about your most recent workout is available right on its screen.

    Though many trackers come with a built-in GPS, this GPS lets you get even more out of your workout. Not only does it keep track of your pace and distance, but it will actually tell you your current elevation, which can help you see just how high you climbed. Sensors inside the tracker record your heart rate and let you know when your heart rate is too low or too high.

    You can even wear it while at work and set reminders that remind you to get up and burn some calories. Other great features include a workout tracker, silent alarm and sleep monitoring function.

    3. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

    Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity WristbandConnect Without Wires

    The HR Wireless Activity Band from Fitbit is perfect for those who want to connect their smartphones to their fitness tracker. Once you sync the two devices, you can actually view the name and number of the person calling you from the screen on this tracker.

    It comes with an OLED display that is brighter than others on the market, and you can view your progress and details on that screen too. It shows you just how many steps you took that day, and you can then compare your progress to past days to see if you need to get up and get moving.

    This is compatible with more than 100 different smartphones from some of the world’s top manufacturers and can also work with your computer. Syncing the HR to your computer lets you see how your daily activities and heart rate stacked up to past days.

    4. Polar A300 Fitness Tracker and Activity Monitor

    Polar A300 Fitness Tracker and Activity MonitorOutdoor Enthusiasts and Swimmers

    Anyone who spends a lot of time outside will love this Polar activity tracker, which comes with a waterproof band. That band is resistant to all types of water, including rain, and even offers protection as you sweat.

    It comes with two metal buttons on one side and three buttons on the opposite side that let you change the settings. The fitness tracker itself has an adjustable band that can fit wrists of different sizes, but you can also buy new bands from the manufacturer to customize the look of your tracker.

    Capable of monitoring your activities 24/7, it has a built-in alert that sends out a simple vibration when you remain inactive for too long. We also like how well it tracks your sleep. This fitness tracker lets you know how long you slept, your overall patterns of sleep and the consistency of your sleep.

    5. Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer with Health Management Software

    Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket PedometerMonitoring and Tracking of Steps

    If you ever used a pedometer in the past, you’ll get a kick out of this Omron tracker. Unlike old pedometers that simply tracked the number of steps you took in a single day, this one goes much further.

    This tiny little plastic device has a bright digital screen with three simple buttons underneath the screen. You can use those buttons to set the device for the day, view its memory from previous days and track your steps during a specific event.

    Its internal memory keeps track of your last seven days and shows you the steps you took each day, which helps you compare your progress across the week. This pedometer comes with a security strap that keeps it on your body and a holder that lets you wear it on your belt. You’ll also like that it tells you the number of aerobic steps you took.

    6. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

    Fitbit Alta Fitness TrackerStylish Workout Enthusiasts

    If you love breaking a sweat but want to look your best while you workout, the Fitbit Alta might be the best fitness tracker for you. Its slimmer design makes it look like a colorful bangle bracelet, but it still has a digital screen that lets you keep track of your activities.

    This wireless device works with many smartphones and lets you sync the fitness tracker to your phone without plugging the two devices together. You can then use the screen to view your calendar, view who is calling you and even read text messages, though it will only perform those functions when your phone is within range.

    Though it comes with a simple band, Fitbit lets you swap out other bands to customize the tracker. The OLED display shows you just how many calories you burned, steps you took and distance walked, but it can also monitor your sleep patterns.

    7. Nike+ Fuelband SE Fitness Tracker

    NikeFuelband SE Fitness TrackerConnecting to Your Phone

    The Nike + FuelBand SE Fitness Tracker is a great choice for those who want to connect their trackers to their phones. Not only does it work with most iPhone models, but it will even work with your iPod Touch. Simple connect and sync the two devices to share info across both.

    Available in multiple sizes to fit your wrist perfectly, Nike included two links that you can add to the band to make it fit you even better. The included sizing tool helps you decide which hole to select and whether to use those links. Another great feature is the internal lighting sensor.

    That sensor detects the amount of light available and adjusts the brightness of the screen to help you see perfectly. If you have Bluetooth 4.0, you can even sync this fitness tracker with a smartphone from another manufacturer or an Android phone.

    8. Nike+ FuelBand First Generation

    NikeFuelBand First GenerationThose Who Need Extra Help

    Those who need a little extra help and those who need some motivation will appreciate the Nike + FuelBand. Nike, the same company that makes the athletic shoes you might wear while running or working out, created this fitness tracker for those who can’t afford a personal trainer.

    It comes loaded with new goals every day to help you walk a little further or burn a few extra calories. As you complete those goals, you’ll unlock new achievements that will make you feel better about yourself and make you want to workout more.

    Its easy to use design comes with just a single button on the front that lets you move through the settings and a digital screen that shows your progress. It monitors the number of steps you took and the calories you burned and shows you that info across its screen.

    9. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

    Fitbit Flex WirelessActivity and Inactivity Tracker

    With multiple slots and spaces, this fitness tracker is great for wearing as you lose weight. You can easily slide the band up one slot after losing a few pounds to keep track of all the activities you do during the day, but this tracker also monitors you for periods of inactivity.

    If it notes that your heart rate is down, it will send out a silent alarm and vibrations to tell you that you need to workout.Made from a type of lightweight and flexible rubber, it sits smoothly against your hand won’t rub into your wrist like plastic models can.

    As with other Fitbit models, it keeps track of how many minutes you remained active, the number of calories you burned, distance walked and overall steps taken. The Fitbit Flex is compatible with Samsung and iOS devices and lasts for up to five days on a single charge.

    10. Jawbone UP2 Lightweight Thin Strap Fitness Tracker

    Jawbone UP2 LightweightThose on a Budget

    This Jawbone fitness tracker ranks on our list because of its affordable price, but we had to put it at the bottom of our list because it lacks some of the features users loved about the other models.

    Designed as a more lightweight solution to other fitness trackers, it fits comfortably on your wrist and won’t get in the way of your favorite exercises. Compatible with Android operating systems and iOs devices, this tracker has an elegant design that makes it look like you’re wearing a bracelet instead of a piece of technology.

    Available in multiple colors, it comes with a band that adjusts to fit different wrist sizes. The tracker has a Smart Alarm that will monitor your sleep habits and wake you at the right time every day, and it comes with a battery that can last for up to 10 days.

    Best Fitness Tracker

    Polar V800 GPS Sports WatchWe chose the Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch (View The Product on Amazon.com) as the best fitness tracker because it provides all the same functions as a tracker but also features a great design. It is compatible with heart rate monitors from Polar and acts as a triathlon watch too. You can actually use it with separate sensors to see how far and how fast you ran as compared to previous runs. We also like the built-in GPS that monitors and keeps track of your location as you run, jog, swim or even cycle. This Polar model also uses Gorilla Glass on its face that is resistant to scratches.