With so many health benefits associated, there is absolutely no reason why you should put off investing in one and installing one around your home. Unlike traditional ones that require electric power, infrared saunas use natural heat and heaters made from carbon or ceramic parts, though some models do need power to run the lights and other optional features. Having one in your home or on your property can help you relax after a hard day and recover from some injuries too.

    The perfect one that money can buy is the Harvia Rondium Deluxe Indoor , which is also the largest. It has enough space inside to comfortably seat six people and features doors made from tempered glass, stainless-steel accents and LED lighting. This is the ultimate infrared model for home use, but you should look at the other models on our list to make sure you pick the right one.

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    Harvia Rondium Deluxe Infrared Sauna

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    1. Harvia Rondium Deluxe Infrared Sauna

    Though you might experience a little sticker shock when you first see the price tag on this Harvia Rondium Deluxe, it won’t take long before you realize that it is well worth the price.

    With space inside for six and benches that you can actually remove to give your guests more space to lounge around, this model can make your home look and feel like an elegant spa, and if you visit the spa regularly to use its sauna, you’ll find that you can actually save money with this model.

    It has a sleekly modern design that includes aspen wood used on the interior walls, stainless-steel hardware and other accents and rounded glass doors on the front, and as it uses tempered glass, those doors won’t break or shatter.

    A digital control right next to the glass doors gives you control over the humidity level inside as well as the brightness of the lights and the temperature.

    The LED lights can create a more soothing environment inside or work as part of a light therapy treatment program. It also comes with features designed to keep moisture from damaging the wood inside and to keep that moisture from escaping.

    2. Almost Heaven Audra Canopy Barrel Infrared Sauna

    If you want an outdoor option because you don’t have room to install one in your home, you might appreciate the Audra Canopy Barrel, which has a rounded design that resembles an oversize barrel.

    Made from Western Canadian Red Cedar that the manufacturer used on both the inside and the outside, this model does a good job of retaining heat, but it also features bands made from stainless steel around the outside to give it a more appealing look.

    A cradle on the bottom forms a barrier between the wood base and the ground to keep the moisture from penetrating the ground, which can make it sit uneven.

    Two small wood seats on the front act as storage and let you keep towels handy for when you step inside or climb out.

    It has simple wood benches inside that provide enough seating for up to four people and enough square footage to give all users their own personal space. 

    Though you can use this as-is in your yard, the manufacturer also includes mounting holes in the cradle that allow you to mount it onto a deck or patio for added stability.

    3. Vital Canadian Red Cedar Elite Three Infrared Sauna

    The Red Cedar Elite Three combines great features with a good price, making it a good choice for those who want to relax at home and share their experiences with others. 

    Two back walls meet to form a corner, which allows you to install this sauna in the corner of a room, but it also has several wood walls that extend along the front to give you more square footage inside, and it has 4,899 square inches of heating area inside.

    Made from red cedar, this model has a slightly deep and dark reddish finish and matching square legs that keep it from sitting directly on your floor.

    An oxygen ionizer inside actually purifies the air that you breathe to increase your health, and it features a built-in dispenser that you can use with essential oils as part of an aromatherapy ritual.

    The digital control panel on the outside lets you make changes before climbing inside, but you’ll find a matching control panel that you can use while inside too. It also comes with carbon heaters and wood benches inside that can accommodate up to three users.

    4. Almost Heaven Bluestone Indoor Infrared Sauna

    With a Bluestone finish that manages to look both traditional and contemporary at the same time, this model is definitely one that will fit and work with the decor of your home.

    It features a combination of durable hemlock that is resistant to common problems like mildew and fir, which gives it a slightly more interesting finish.

    A timer feature lets you select how long you want to remain inside before the timer goes off, but it also has a delay feature that lets you set a delay for up to eight hours in the future.

    Designed for a maximum of three users, it has a smaller wood bench on one of its shorter sizes that faces directly across from the heater and a longer wood bench along the back wall that can hold two people sitting or one person laying down.

    An internal thermometer helps you keep track of the temperature as you relax, and LED mood lighting on the top comes with a plug that you can use in any nearby outlet.

    The model comes pre-assembled when it arrives on your doorstep to help you install it easier and faster.

    5. DYNAMIC Madrid 3-Person Infrared Sauna

    With this in your home, you might feel like you’re in the middle of Madrid each time that you hop inside for a quick steam.

    The Madrid uses a lighter shade of wood on the interior walls and benches, which can seat up to three people, and a darker finish on the outside, but the entire model uses hemlock wood to keep it free of mildew and to keep bacteria from thriving inside. 

    Eight FAR infrared heating panels made from carbon fibers have a low EMF rating and allow more heat to move through the inside to reach each user.

    The door on the front of the Madrid features a shiny metal handle that does not retain the heat, and the door itself uses tempered glass that won’t shatter when you close it or crank up the temperature.

    All the settings that you need to use are accessible via the control panel on the front, which lets you adjust those settings and relax without any worries.

    It also features bright lights inside that you can turn up and down to reach the brightness you like.

    6. JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Infrared Sauna

    With multiple carbon fibers heaters located inside, this JNH provides all the infrared heat that you need to relax in style and comfort.

    Made from certified green hemlock wood, this model has strong insulation inside that keeps the heat from escaping and has a natural wood finish that keeps it from sticking out. JNH Lifestyles, which guarantees that it can fit up to two people, gives you a five-year warranty that covers both the wood used in the sauna as well as all its working parts.

    To ensure that you can easily get in the mood for relaxing, the manufacturer included an auxiliary port that works with devices like phones and music players and two premium speakers that pump the music around the inside.

    You can adjust the volume of the music on the control panel, which sits near the top corner, but this panel also lets you adjust the humidity and temperature levels too.

    If you worry about spending too much time relaxing, you can even use this panel to set a timer, which will then let you know when your time is up.

    7. JNH Lifestyles NE2HB1 ENSI Collection 2 Person NO EMF Infrared Sauna

    Made from a combination of timber and hemlock wood from Canada, the JNH Lifestyles NE2HB1 is one of the only options available that uses zero EMF, which makes it one of the most technologically advanced models on the market today.

    It comes with seven carbon fiber heater panels inside that JNH Lifestyles placed in an optimized layout to ensure that you get all the benefits of that heat.

    It also uses two different layers of wood inside that insulates the interior and keeps the warm air from getting out.

    You’ll love many of the optional features like the premium speakers that work with a dedicated port that you can use for hooking up your music player, tablet or phone and its volume rocker, which makes it easy to increase and decrease the volume.

    This model also comes with a wood bench that seats two and lighting on the top. The digital control panel inside features two different screens that show you the temperature inside and the time left on the timer you set, and small arrow buttons beneath each screen let you adjust both features.

    8. DYNAMIC AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Barcelona Infrared Sauna

    The Barcelona 1-2 Person model is a great option for those on a budget who want to relax on their own as well as couples who want to share the experience.

    Instead of using larger heaters, this model features heater panels around the inside that help the heat reach every area of your body, and as the heat increases, you’ll notice that it moves around the inside too.

    Made almost entirely from hemlock wood from Canada, it features lighter wood on the inside and darker wood on the outside to create a more striking look.

    A tempered glass door on the front saves you from cleaning up broken glass because it can withstand both temperature changes and slams, and this door has a handle that uses the same wood on both the front and back.

    The Barcelona features a control panel on the outside that makes it easy to set the temperature, humidity and timer before you step inside, and the interior also features a raised area that keeps your feet off the floor.

    You’ll also find an auxiliary port that works with most electronic devices to listen to music while inside.

    9. JNH Lifestyles Joyous 1 Person Infrared Sauna

    Joyous is just one word that will describe the way you feel after getting out of this sauna, which features a tempered glass door with wood handles on both sides that you can easily grab with slick hands.

    The Canadian hemlock used works with traditional timber to create two solid walls that insulate the inside to keep the warm air trapped inside.

    It also comes with a five-year warranty that covers all parts as well as the wood frame, glass door and other components.

    Thanks to a built-in AUX control, you can hook up any device to listen to music or even watch videos as you steam, and you can hear the sounds coming from those videos and songs easily because of two built-in speakers around the top.

    JNH Lifestyles placed the digital control in a convenient spot on the back wall to help you easily reach it.

    This control panel features two separate screens and arrow buttons for changing the temperature or for setting a timer.

    10. Radiant 2-Person Hemlock Deluxe Infrared Sauna

    Whether you want to relax on your own or with a loved one or close friend, this model is a great choice because it comes with a wood bench inside that can accommodate up to two people.

    The six carbon heaters inside surround all areas of your body to help you get the maximum benefits of that heat, and those heaters provide more than 1,700 watts of heat and can climb to a temperature up to 141 degrees Fahrenheit.

    It requires just 120 volts or 15 amps, which will power all the features.

    The tempered glass door located on the front is resistant to scratches and has a wood handle on both sides for easily opening and closing the door.

    It also features LED control panels that let you control all features and settings with just one touch.

    This also comes with a total surround sound system that includes a CD player that plays most discs, built-in speakers and a port for connecting your electronic devices to the surround sound system.

    11. Radiant 1-2 Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna

    This 1-2 Person Hemlock from Radiant is perfect for kicking back and relaxing or enjoying some warm air therapy on your own or with one other person because it features four carbon heaters that completely heat the inside and a wood bench that gives two people room to spread out.

    Those heaters allow you to crank up the temperature to 141 degrees Fahrenheit, and you’ll find that the heaters offer more than 1,100 watts of heating power.

    The model uses hemlock wood that is durable and resistant to mildew as well as a buckle assembly for more easily setting up once it arrives.

    Two premium speakers located near the top allow you to clearly hear the music that you listen to via a device you hook up to the AUX port.

    LED control panels on both the front and inside the sauna have an EZ-Touch design that lets you touch the screen with damp or dry hands to change the timer or the temperature.

    It also features a thicker door made from tempered glass that is resistant to scratches.

    12. DYNAMIC AMZ-DYN-9101-01 Alicante 1 to 2-Person Infrared Sauna

    DYNAMIC knows that not everyone can afford to install an expensive steam room in their homes, which is why it makes some more affordable options like this Alicantesauna.

    This model comes with a hidden box in bright shades of orange and white that the manufacturer tucks away on the roof, which gives you easy access to extra screws as well as the instructional manual.

    It also uses hemlock wood sourced from Canada that ensures it will both look great and work well years into the future.

    Though it features just one wood bench inside, this bench is large enough to accommodate two users at the same time, but you may want to sit inside and stretch out on your own too.

    It features a tempered glass door on the front that will not lock behind you and a control panel on one wall that lets you change the temperature or humidity level.

    This model also features a port for hooking up your phone or a similar device as well as mood lighting on top, but before you can use those features, you must plug it into an electrical outlet.

    13. Radiant 1-2 Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna

    If you want to invest in an infrared heater and save some money in the process, this Radiant model is a valid choice.

    Though it uses ceramic heaters instead of carbon fiber heaters, that material helps the manufacturer keep the price down, and those heaters can still increase the temperature inside up to 141 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    It also uses the same buckle assembly found on more expensive options as well as a solid hemlock wood construction that will make it last for years.

    The built-in surround sound system includes a CD player with its own AUX port for hooking up your favorite electronic device and premium speakers that won’t crackle or pop when you play music louder.

    A thick door on the front has separate wood handles that let you easily open and close the door, and this door uses tempered glass that is resistant to most scratches.

    You’ll also love the two LED control panels because these panels let you adjust the heat, set the timer and check on the timer while inside or outside.

    Our Verdict

    Our Favorite Infrared Sauna

    Harvia Rondium Deluxe Infrared sauna

    Our choice is the Harvia Rondium Deluxe Indoor because it has a classy look that will fit with any decor and because it comes with so many impressive features. This sauna has interior walls made from real aspen wood and stainless-steel accents on the outside as well as rounded doors on the front that use tempered glass, which won’t break.

    Designed for indoor use, this can make you feel like you’re in an upscale spa. A digital control on the outside lets you control both the temperature and the amount of time you want to relax. You also have the option of turning on the LED lighting and adjusting the humidity level inside. A timer function even lets you set up a delay of up to eight hours.