Top Five Best Jogging Strollers on The Market Today

    RankProductReview Score
    1Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller with Front Fixed Wheel, Fierce By Jeep Overland9.9Buy on Amazon
    2Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Phantom, 50 Pounds By Baby Trend9.7Buy on Amazon
    3BOB Ironman Single Stroller By BOB9.6Buy on Amazon
    4InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger By Instep9.5Buy on Amazon
    5BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller By BOB9.4Buy on Amazon

    Best Jogging Stroller Reviews

    Whether you’re a dedicated marathoner, or just want a jogging stroller for the design, there are a few models that you can find to stand out above the rest. To help assist you on your search for the perfect jogging strollers, we took all the factors into account, as should you. The range of terrains easily covered by the stroller, the maneuverability, ease of folding and assembly, and of course safety rating, are all important things to consider when deciding on the perfect jogging stroller. Through our comprehensive report of the best jogging stroller reviews, we hope that you will be able to find the perfect match for your perfect little one.

    Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller (View Product on

    The Jeep Overland Limited stroller is a great choice for anyone from power walker to jogger. This stroller is specially designed for exercising, with the high-end safety features one would expect from a top rated jogger. The one-touch linked brakes are rated as very secure, and the wrist strap only adds peace of mind for any parent, as does the partial brake on the handle. With a padded five point harness and added reflectors for nighttime visibility, you can rest assured that your jog will be safe for both parent and child.

    Reviews often say that the Jeep Overland Limited is easy to assemble and fold. However, as it weighs over 25 pounds, it may be more difficult for some to lift in and out of car trunks. The added accessories include dual cup holders, built in speakers, and an adjustable handle, optimal for parents of different heights. The sun canopy is perfect for keeping the bright light out of your child’s eyes, and the window to check up on your child is an added bonus. Weight rated at up to 45 pounds, the only flaw in the Jeep Overland Limited is it’s not car seat compatible. Priced at just over $200, this truly is an high quality stroller.

    Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Phantom (View on

    For a less serious jogger, or someone only running short distances, the Baby Trend Expedition is a great jogging stroller option. Not only will it not break your budget, but it is very light and easily maneuverable. Priced at under $150, the Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller is sure to win awards for its great value. Equipped with locking swivel wheels, you can always be sure that your child is safe. Some reviews complained that the seat was not well enough padded which made longer trips or bumpy terrain more uncomfortable.

    A few customers also complained over the lack of shock absorbers as well as the non-standard narrowness of the seat. Consumers may also want to be aware of the non-adjustable handlebar, which may be inconvenient for some adults. The Baby Trend Expedition is unique in its ability to stand while folded, allowing for more vertical storage. The floating canopy is also reviewed as a great feature for keeping harsh rays off baby.

    BOB Ironman Single Stroller (View on

    The BOB Ironman jogging stroller is a serious running stroller for those who want more than a short lap around the park. Anyone logging long miles will appreciate the extra safety features and ease of use the BOB Ironman stroller provides. With a handle brake for slowing on hills, a wrist strap to ensure it won’t slip away from you, and a one touch linked parking brake on the back wheels, you can know your child is truly secure. Reviews often praise the BOB Ironman for its ease of pushing, however folding and assembling must be done with both hands. Weighing just 23 pounds but able to accommodate up to 70, this stroller has a fixed front wheel, optimizing it for exercise.

    Customers often praise its smoothness during their run, citing the adjustable suspension as a great feature. While the BOB Ironman can accept a car seat, parents should not jog with this stroller when used as such. Highly reviewed for its back support, leg support, padding, canopy, and viewing window, parents can be sure that their child will be just as comfortable as they are in with the BOB Ironman. Priced at just under $350, this stroller is aimed at serious runners, making it a great choice for our list of top jogging strollers.

    InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger (View on

    Another true running stroller that won’t wreck your wallet is the Schwinn Arrow Fixed-Wheel Jogger. Priced at just under $200, this stroller performs at an extremely high level. While it lacks accessories such as the child tray, the Schwinn Arrow has all the necessities. Featuring dual cup holders, a large basket, and sun canopy, you will be sure to have all you need on your long trail runs. The Schwinn Arrow does perform best as an exercise stroller, providing an extremely smooth ride for your child.

    Many users attest to its lack of versatility, as the fixed front wheel prevents the Schwinn Arrow from easily maneuvering the tight aisles in a grocery store. However, it’s lightweight and easy to fold, compactly fitting in the trunk of any mid-sized car. Weighing just over 20 pounds, this stroller is able to carry children up to 50. Sporting the extra safety features seen in more expensive strollers, such as a jogging strap and hand brake, the Schwinn Arrow Fixed-Wheel Jogger is truly a high quality stroller.

    BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller (View on

    At just under $400, the BOB Revolution SE jogging stroller is the most expensive to make our list of top jogging strollers. It does live up to its price however, coming with many great features, including a huge canopy, plenty of storage space, and a roomy and padded seat. The large basket, as well as three additional pockets, provides for enough room for all the necessities during your daily jog. The BOB Revolution SE has a swivel front wheel which can be unlocked for a walk in the park, or locked during a jog.

    Designed for children up to 70 pounds, but weighing just 35, this stroller is very easy to maneuver. While this stroller lacks a one hand fold system, it is still very easy to compact. Reviews also complained of its lack of adjustable handle bar and automatic lock, which may be a negative in this model. Equipped with some of the top safety features found in all competing jogging strollers are the 5 point harness, parking brake, and jogging strap. These are all necessities to ensure that your little one stays safe as you exercise. With its great suspension system, the ride for your child will never be smoother than in the BOB Revolution SE jogging stroller.

    Top Jogging Stroller

    Buy The Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller with Front Fixed Wheel on Amazon

    Our pick for the top jogging stroller is the Jeep Overland Limited stroller. With great features such as the padded five point harness, safety reflectors for night time jogs, one touch linked brakes, wrist strap, and adjustable handle, this jogger is sure to please. Although the weight limit is a bit lower than competing strollers, we are sure that priced at just over $200, you will find everything you need in the Jeep Overland Limited jogging stroller.