Top Five Best Best Laptops for Music Production on The Market Today

    RankProductReview Score
    1Apple MF839LL/A MacBook Pro 13.3-Inch Laptop By Apple9.4Buy on Amazon
    2Razer Blade 14" QHD+ Touchscreen Gaming Laptop By Razer9Buy on Amazon
    3Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 14-Inch Touchscreen Ultrabook By Lenova8.4Buy on Amazon
    4ASUS ROG G750JX 17-Inch Gaming Laptop [OLD VERSION] By Asus8.4Buy on Amazon
    5Alienware AW17R3-4175SLV 17.3 Inch FHD Laptop By Alienware7.6Buy on Amazon

    Best Laptop for Music Production

    If you are in search of the best laptop for music production, there are quite a few devices out there. You have to find the fastest processor, you have to look for those that are easy to edit and use software with, and you need a device that has the best built in speakers and music editing capabilities. More RAM, expandable memory, and the ability to install various production and editing programs are also some of the features to look for when you shop.

    You have to consider the main use, and what you are going to do with the device, in order to find the one that is a top rated laptop for music production, based on what you are editing. With so many new advances, new features, and with many computers that are specifically geared towards the editing and production world, you are not going to have a hard time finding the right device.

    Although you may spend a little more for the top rated devices, it is well worth it when you put it to work. Especially if editing is what you do for a living, it is in your best interest to spend a bit more, and choose one of the top, latest available machines for music editing on the market today.

    Alienware AW17R3-4175SLV 17.3 Inch FHD Laptop (View on

    This is one of the best laptop for music production available today. Although the name is more often associated with gaming, this device boasts many features editors are looking for. It features:

    – A core i7, 3 GHz processor rate.
    – 16 GB of installed memory, 256 GB hard drive space and 16384 MB of built in RAM.

    The device is lightning fast, light weight and portable, and features expandable memory features. With a faster processor, and more room to add new software, files, and clips, you are never going to run in to an issue with shortage with this top rated music production laptop.

    It is fast, powerful, and it boasts much faster speeds than other editing machines available to you today. It also has the latest in graphics, and is more than suited to run editing programs when working on any music track.

    Apple MF839LL/A MacBook Pro 13.3-Inch Laptop (View on

    Apple is always a top choice when it comes to editing, whether it is video or music, and is one of the best laptop for music production you can choose. Although it is one of the priciest devices, you are going to get over the sticker shock rather quickly when you start working on it. The latest model of these machines includes:

    – Core i7 process and 2.8 GHz speeds.
    – 16 GB of installed memory.
    – 512 GB flash memory.
    – A variety of built in editing software programs, expandable memory, and the lightning fast processor and browser speeds.

    Not only is the Mac one of the lightest machines you are going to find on the market, the portability also makes it a top choice for editors. You are barely going to feel it when you are carrying it around, and if you need to use it, the device fires up in a matter of seconds.

    Razer Blade 14″ QHD+ Touchscreen Gaming Laptop (View on

    A quad core i7, 2.2 GHz processor is featured in one of the best laptop for music production with this device. A 256 GB SATA 3 hard drive provides more than sufficient space for software. 8 GB of installed memory, and the ability to expand on this, provides you enough room for adding, editing, and saving clips and music files. A loud, built in audio system, a sleek and attractive design, and a powerful build, all round this machine out.

    Like Alienware, it is more known as a gaming device, but for the serious editor, in search of speed, memory and RAM space, a quick device, and killer audio capabilities, you can’t go wrong with this device when you are shopping. If you would like to hook the laptop up in a studio, or to your main PC, it features ports and USB drives, allowing you to do so.

    Like the other top machines on the list, this top rated laptop for music production is going to cost a bit more, but if you are serious about editing, if you do it for a living, or if you just like to create the best possible content, when you are putting together a track or a video, you are going to find that this device is going to produce it for you. And, with built in features, along with the ability to expand, you are not going to run short on storage space, if you do quite a bit of work on your laptop.

    Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 14-Inch Touchscreen Ultrabook (View on

    With a core i5 and only 1.8 GHz processor rates, you are giving up a bit of speed with this device, but you are also going to get it in at a lower price point than the others on the list. It still features 128 GB SATA built in memory, 4 GB of installed memory, and 4096 MB of installed RAM. You are not going to experience lag times with the device, and it is fairly quick in terms of editing and creating content. It also has a few ports, if you connect other devices to your laptop when you are editing.

    You will also be able to expand the memory if needed, and a great audio system makes it a good option for those who want something portable, easy to use, and a little lower on the price spectrum. You are going to find it is rather easy to use, and it is going to provide you with more than enough storage space, if you are editing often, and the ability to expand allows you to store more if you do find that the built in memory is not enough for the work that you are doing.

    Built in editing software, along with various programs and apps that are available for the device, make it a good choice for those who might not be professional editors, yet still like to create impressive end products, and work on music and other editing video content on a regular basis. And, at under 3 pounds, with a longer battery life, you can work for several hours, and carry this device with you nearly anywhere.

    ASUS ROG G750JX 17-Inch Gaming Laptop (View on

    A final option to consider when you are looking to buy the top laptop for music production is this Asus, boasting 2.2 GHz and an i7 core processor. A larger 17.3 in monitor is great for those who run various editing programs at once, and want to see everything side by side. 1024 GB hard drive, 16384 MB installed RAM, and 16 GB installed memory, is far more than you are ever going to use when editing, even if you have several clips and files saved. In addition to this, you can always add or upgrade, if you are in need of additional storage space.

    Fast speeds, simple to use editing features, a simplified layout, and various editing programs, are all features that you are going to love with this device. Various ports and external connections, allow you to connect the laptop to your TV, a home based PC, editing equipment, and any other peripheral you would like to attach to it, in order to edit and create new content and new files. No matter what you want to create, you can easily do so with this device in hand.

    It is very lightweight and portable, making it the ideal device for the editor that is always on the go, and has to present new content to a client when they are out. A 1080 p, non glossy screen also offers a higher resolution screen, if you are working on video and editing, in addition to working on music and sound files or clips when you are doing any type of editing work on one of the top rated laptops for music productions on the market today.

    You will pay a bit more for these devices, but the great features, more than enough storage space (and the ability to expand), and the many great editing features and software, all make these devices great choices for the editor to consider. Whether you are a professional editor, or whether you just work on videos and edit clips for personal enjoyment, any of these laptops are going to provide you with a great platform to work with when you are doing any type of editing work. And, with great screen size and resolution, you are also going to be able to work on video files and editing with these laptops, when you are doing any type of project or editing work.

    Regardless of what you do, or how often you edit videos, with these devices you are going to find it a breeze to edit any file, clip, or music production piece you are putting together. These are a few of the many options that you can choose from today, and they are some of the best laptop for music production that you are going to find today, when you are planning on doing work as an editor.