Top Two Best Ninja Blenders on The Market Today

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    1Ninja Ultima Blender Plus (BL830) By Ninja9.9Buy on Amazon
    2Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) By Ninja9.9Buy on Amazon

    Ninja Blender Reviews: Top 2 Ninja Blenders In The Market Today

    Ninja blenders are undoubtedly among the best blender brands in the market today. The Ninja blender brand offers a number of impressive options in all price ranges. The blenders also offer variety in regards to functionality and accessories. You shouldn’t therefore expect to miss a Ninja blender that will serve your special needs perfectly. You can get any kind of professional, kitchen, master prep and food blenders in the Ninja blender variety. It doesn’t matter if you are a blender amature, enthusiast or pro chef. You won’t miss a Ninja blender specifically made to meet your needs.

    This article will focus on some of the most popular Ninja blenders in the market today. The two Ninja blenders that will be featured below are the best of their kind according to customer reviews, features, price and benefits among many other factors. If you are interested in discovering which Ninja blenders stand out the most, look no further. Below is one of the most detailed Ninja blender reviews for the top 2 Ninja blenders in the market today.

    Ninja Ultima Blender Plus (BL830) (View on

    This blender stands out as the best Ninja blender for professional performance. The Ninja Ultima blender is the best blender for you if you want a blender for commercial use i.e. a blender that makes smoothies for sale. The blender is capable of offering beyond professional performance considering it features dual stage blending technology which offers endless smoothie and juicing possibilities.

    The blender also has very powerful blades capable of crushing ice, whole fruits and vegetables effortlessly at high speeds offering very superior results. The Ninja Ultima offers everything from smooth gentle blending to total crushing/extraction. Let’s take a look at the blender’s features to understand why the Ninja Ultima stands out from many other top professional blenders in the market today.


    1. Power: The blender has a 2.5 Horsepower, 1500 Watt motor capable of blending beyond professional standards.
    2. Technology: The blender also features total crushing technology for breaking down ice, vegetables and whole fruits completely. The blender also utilises high speed cyclonic technology capable of pureeing foods into a creamy and smooth state.
    3. Functionality: The blender has pro variable speed functionality featuring 10 speeds in addition to pulse.
    4. Accessories: The blender comes equipped with pro single serving cups featuring sip and seal lids.
    5. Product dimensions and weight: The blender measures 10.9 by 17.3 by 17.7 inches and weighs 14 pounds (shipping weight is 17 pounds).


    From the above features, the blender obviously has many benefits/pros. Some of the most notable Ninja Ultima benefits include;

    1. The blender has superior speed functions: The blenders pro variable speed function offers everything from gentle blending to total crushing. This makes it extremely easy to adjust speed without worrying about inconsistencies. Most professional blenders lack this functionality which is why the blender stands out.
    1. The offers dual stage blending: The blender also allows dual stage blending which is advantageous when you want to get professional results for commercial reasons. The blender also has cyclonic blades which are capable of rotating independently at 24,000RPM offering the smoothest and most consistent results you can wish for.
    1. The blender is very powerful: The Ninja Ultima features a 2.5 Horsepower, 1500 watt motor which is powerful enough to blend the toughest ingredients you can think of. When you combine this with blade speed and technology, the Ninja Ultima can easily qualify as the most powerful blender in the market today.
    1. The blender is versatile: The Ninja Ultima is undoubtedly more versatile than most top blenders in the market today when you consider factors like dual stage blending technology, speed and power. This makes it possible to maximize the blender to the fullest i.e. for blending as well as juicing.
    1. The blender is safe: The Ninja Ultima blender also has a very safe design i.e. a safety interlocking design featuring a lock on the lid. This avoids common blender messes and accidents.


    1. The blender is pricey: Some people feel the blender is expensive.

    Customer reviews

    According to most Ninja blender reviews online, the Ninja Ultima is perfect in all aspects. Most reviews praise the blender as the best Ninja blender for commercial use given its power, blending technology, speed and versatility. Going by most online customer reviews, there is nothing functionally wrong about the Ninja Ultima blender. The only con/s about the blender touch on price. Some people feel $259.99 is too expensive for a person interested in a professional blender for home use. The price can however be justified by the superior features and benefits the blender offers.

    Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) View on

    The Ninja Professional blender is another top Ninja blender going by most Ninja Blender reviews online. This blender is perfect for someone looking for a Ninja blender that offers above average results without having to spend too much. The blender is powerful enough considering it has a 1000 watt motor which is adequate for blasting ice and the toughest ingredients you can think of. The Ninja professional blender is a perfect kitchen accessory if you are looking for a hassle free reasonably priced Ninja blender featuring a sleek design and offering outstanding results. Let’s take a look at the blender’s features to understand why the blender stands out from many other top blenders in the market today.


    1. Power: As mentioned above, the blender has a 1000 watt motor capable of offering professional performance power. The motor can blast solid ice cubes within seconds.
    1. Technology: The blender utilises superior blade technology i.e. Ninja 6-blade technology which is ideal for cutting the toughest whole fruits and vegetables.
    1. Accessories: The blender comes with a 72 ounce pitcher featuring a pour spout. The blender also has cord storage. All the accessories are dish washer safe.
    1. Product dimensions and weight: The blender measures 11 by 9.2 by 16.1 inches and weighs 8.7 pounds only (shipping weight is 9 pounds).


    1. The blender is powerful: The Ninja Professional blender motor is powerful enough to chop ice as well as mill grains easily. Although there are blenders which are more powerful, the 1000 watt motor is more than powerful for home blending.
    1. The blender has superior controls: Unlike many other blenders in the market today, the Ninja Professional has high-tech touchpad controls which offer superior functionality making it easy to control the blender and keep it clean.
    1. The blender has multiple speed settings: Most blenders in the market today have two or three speed settings. The Ninja Professional blender has way more speed settings coupled with a unique pulse setting that offers short burst blending offering superior results that can’t be matched by most traditional blenders.
    1. The blender has superior capacity: The Ninja Professional has a 90 ounce capacity that allows you to blend enough content at once. Most blenders have a 40 ounce capacity which is usually inadequate for the average family.
    1. The blender is safe: The blender has a secure seal that prevents common blender leaks and accidents.


    1. Poor consistency: There are a few negative reviews on the Ninja Professional blender touching on consistency. Some people claim the blender doesn’t offer perfect consistency.

    Customer reviews

    According to most Ninja blender reviews on the Ninja Professional blender, the blender is perfect for a person looking for a superior home Ninja blender that costs less than $100. Many reviews attest to the fact that the blender handles all blending tasks you can think off perfectly. Many Ninja Blender owners also love the blender’s superior controls which make it easy to keep the blender clean. There are however cons touching on consistency. This problem can however be solved by understanding how to use the blender’s speed settings to your advantage. Apart from that, the blender appears to be perfect for home use.