Top Five Best Laptops for Photography on The Market Today

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    1Apple Macbook Pro MJLQ2LL/A 15-inch Laptop By Apple9.9Buy on Amazon
    2Apple MacBook Air MJVE2LL/A 13-inch Laptop By Apple9.2Buy on Amazon
    3Dell Precision M3800 15.6" Touchscreen LED Mobile Workstation By Dell9.6Buy on Amazon
    4Toshiba Qosmio X75-A7295 17.3-Inch Laptop By Toshiba9.4Buy on Amazon
    5ASUS Zenbook UX301 13-Inch Laptop [2014] By ASUS9.1Buy on Amazon

    Top 5 Best Laptops For Photography

    Don’t think that you’re the only one who is out in the market looking for a new laptop, since that’s not true. These days more photographers than ever are looking for the best laptop for photography that can help them edit their photos fast and basically replace their desktop computer with a portable version of it. Therefore, in order to ensure you get the best one, you’ll have to consider the following things.

    Your budget is obviously the first and most important detail, since based on the money you have to spend for a new laptop, you’ll be able to consider laptops within a specific price range. Next, you need to look for a laptop that comes with a lot of RAM memory. The more RAM memory it has, the faster and smoother it’s going to be to work on it. Look for laptop with at least 8 GB of RAM or even 32 GB if possible.

    Storage space and type of storage are very important. First of all, you need to have plenty of space to store all of your high resolution photos and secondly, you need speed. In this regard, I suggest that you go with an SSD since these things are blazing fast and have become way more affordable than in the past. 

    If you plan on using your laptop on the go, then go for one that has a decent battery life. 2 hours of battery life on maximum usage should be pretty good, so keep this in mind when shopping for a new laptop for photography. 

    Last but not least, the screen size and RGB coverage are very important. You want a lot of screen real estate, a great resolution, but you also want the screen to have at least 90% RGB coverage. This way you’ll be able to get more natural colors which is vital when it comes to image enhancements. 

    Top 5 Laptops for Photography:

    Apple Macbook Pro MJLQ2LL/A 15-inch (View on

    If you are aiming at getting the best laptop for photography, then look no further than the MacBook Pro with Retina display. In fact, the 2560-by-1600 native resolution at 227 ppi are more than enough to offer you a crystal clear picture quality that you’ll instantly fall in love with. The color gamut of the Retina display is quite amazing, so everything you do on it, no matter if it’s editing photographers or checking your E-mail, the images are going to look pretty sharp.

    Now when it comes to the specs of the MacBook Pro, it all depends on what your budget. However, these models usually come with an Intel Core i7 Haswell CPU at 2.3 GHz which should offer you plenty of horsepower for those demanding applications. The turbo boost can go all the way to 3.4 Ghz and with 16GB of RAM, you’ll never run out of memory no matter how many intensive applications you plan on running on your laptop at the same time.

    In terms of storage, you’ll get the standard 512 GB of flash storage, but that is upgradeable to 1 TB, which will cost you an extra 600 dollars or so. Since this is a PCI-Express SSD, you’re going to get speeds of up to 700 MB per second or even higher than that, making transferring large files a breeze.

    When it comes to the video card, it comes with an integrated model with Optimus technology, so this means you can save power, since it automatically switches with the nVidia GT 750m 2 GB GDDR5 based on what you do on your laptop. As you can expect, this is one of the best laptops you can currently get and as a photographer, you’ll definitely love how smooth any software you decide to install on it runs.

    Toshiba Qosmio X75-A7295 17.3-Inch Laptop (View on

    The laptop for photography reviews have been raving about the new Toshiba Qosmio X75-A7170 and they do that for good reason. This model comes with a massive 17.3 inch TruBrite TFT LED backlit display with a full HD resolution and a GTX 770M GPU with 3 GB of GDDR5 memory. This means that everything on this amazing display is going to look simply amazing, so HD videos and high resolution photographs will simply wow you.

    In terms of specs, the system is powered by a Haswell CPU clocked at 2.4 GHz which is paired with a massive 16GB of RAM memory. When it comes to storage, you’ll get two hard drives of 500 GB each, so you cannot complain that you don’t have plenty of space to store all of your high resolution photographs.

    The integrated microphone and webcam, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet capabilities complete what is an already amazing laptop that can be used both for gaming and intensive applications, such as video editing, photo editing and so forth.

    The operating system on the Qosmio X75-A7170 is Windows 8.1 which has several improvements over the 8.0 version, but also some much desired changes. You’ll see that Microsoft has decided to include the Start button with this release, but it only covers 2 functions. If you want, you can also choose to boot the classic desktop screen instead of the standard Windows 8.1 screen.

    Overall, if you need a lot of real estate and need a powerful computer that can handle everything you throw at it, then you’ll be more than happy to get the Qosmio X75-A7170. It’s truly a desktop replacement laptop that will amaze you each second you use it.

    Apple MacBook Air MJVE2LL/A 13-inch (View on

    The MacBook Air is by far one of the most popular laptops from Apple and what makes it so special is its small form factor and the fact that it’s so thin. Don’t let these details tell you that this is a slow laptop, since underneath its hood you’ll find some pretty impressive specs, with the most baffling of them being the massive 12h battery.

    The screen of the MacBook Air is good enough for those who need to work on photos while they are on the go and it offers them adequate real estate without having to worry about carrying a heavy laptop that strains their back. The screen resolution is 1440 by 900 pixels, so you’re getting a 16:10 aspect which as a photographer, you’re going to appreciate more than the average user.

    The color gamut is okay, while the specs are also very impressive. You’re going to get a Haswell i7 CPU clocked at 1.7 GHz (4650U), 3MB of cache (level 3), 4 GB of RAM which can be upgraded to 8 GB and you can choose between a 128GB SSD or 256GB SSD. This is PCI-E flashed based storage, just so that we are clear on that. As for the graphics card, it is an Intel HD Graphics 5000 GPU that shares system memory.

    While you may have not expected it, the MacBook air does come with a backlit keyboard, which allows you to easily continue working no matter the lighting conditions in your environment. When it comes to connectivity, you’ll get a Thunderbolt 2.0 port, a DisplayPort, 2x USB 3.0 ports, but also 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4. This is an overall top-rated and cheap laptop that is highly portable and can help you to easily complete many intensive tasks while on the go.

    Dell Precision M3800 15.6″ Touchscreen LED (View on

    When you think about a mobile workstation, you generally think about a bulky laptop that’s hard to carry around. Well, the new Dell Precision M3800 changes that, since this is a sleek 15 inch laptop that comes with a Quad HD touch screen which is less than 1” thick and weighs a little under five pounds. But what can you find under its hood? Well, here is the biggest surprise of the M3800.

    The M3800 comes with an Intel Core i7 Haswell CPU and an nVidia Quadro GPU which needless to say, will make all of your renders much, much faster than any other mobile graphics card you can find in other laptops on the market.

    Size wise, the M3800 measures 14.65” by 10” by 0.31”, which means that it’s thinner than the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. But let’s talk about its display for a bit, shall we?

    The Quad HD display is made of Gorilla Glass and features a resolution of 3200 by 1800 pixels, making everything you do on it look simply fantastic. You’ll be able to see details that escaped your eyes in other displays and the colors are going to look so real, that you’re going to feel the images are coming to life.

    In terms of its other specs, the M3800 comes with the aforementioned nVidia QUadro K1100M with 2 GB of GDDR5 memory, 512GB SSD, 16GB of RAM and the i7 4702HQ CPU clocked at 2.2 GHz. With that being said, the M3800 is by far the best laptpoi for the money which is going to offer you plenty of power to make sure everything you do on it is smooth and blazingly fast.

    ASUS Zenbook UX301 13-Inch Laptop (View on

    The Asus Zenbook UX301 is a 13.3 inch laptop with multi touch display that is capable of a resolution of 2560 by 1440p. The resolution on this bad boy though can also scale down to 1920 by 1080p, so as you can tell, everything on it is going to look pretty sharp. And when you’ll hear that the lid is made with Gorilla Glass 3, you’ll realize that no matter where you tuck out this laptop, it’s going to turn a lot of heads. Other specs you’ll be interested in when it comes to this amazing laptop include the massive 8h battery life which is going to be perfect for those who tend to work a lot while on the go. The CPU is an Intel i7 4558U with 4MB of cache, 2.8 GHz and Turbo Speed up to 3.4 GHz. As for the storage, you can go with either 256GB or 5125GB of SATA 3 flash storage.

    However, since you’re a photographer, you may want to learn more about the screen right? Well, this is a very special display, since it’s a Sharp IGZO touch plane which is very well known for its accuracy of reproducing true to life colors while having a low power consumption. And with an Adobe RGB coverage of 79% and 98 percent sRGB coverage, you know you have a very impressive laptop on your hands.

    The resolution is also close to that of the MacBook pro, while the ppi is a great 276. As for the graphics, you’re getting the Intel Iris 5100 GPU which should be pretty good for all of your photography projects.

    The Best Laptop for Photography

    Without a doubt the best laptop for photography is the new Macbook Pro 15″ from Apple which simply crushes all of its competitors!

    Apple Macbook Pro MJLQ2LL A 15-inch Laptop (2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 Processor, 16GB RAM, 256 GB Hard Drive, Mac OS X)

    Buy The Apple’s Macbook Pro 15-Inch on

    If you’re a serious photogapher who needs serious power, then this is the only laptop you’ll find on the makret to fully meet your needs and also exceed them.

    On top of that, if you’re interested in a similar machine, you could bo with the Alienware 18, since this is a pretty amazing laptop in its own regard and recommended for those who want a lot of power and a wonderful screen quality.