There are those times you may need to fall back on a secondary power source, especially when the unexpected happens. Having a generator for backup is vital, seeing how much we all rely on electricity inside and outside our homes to get things done.

    Predator generators are among the best you can find on the market. Their maker has been in the business of power generation for roughly three decades. Although not the biggest player in this space, the company has done decently well for itself in the time it has been around. Its products appeal to different types of customers because they have a range of sizes and prices available.

    We’ve reviewed the top 5 Predator models to highlight the capabilities and features of each.

    Best Choices

    For Home or RV

    Predator 3500 Portable Inverter Generator

    Quiet, efficient, and fairly lightweight with two 120v outlets and pairing functionality.

    For Your Business

    Predator 13500 Gas Generator

    6 various outlets, portable, and enough power to run your equipment all day.

    Top 5 Predator Generator Reviews

    Are you considering getting a Predator generator?

    Here are our reviews of the best 5 models you can buy, ordered from lowest power output to highest. If you’re looking for portability, start at the top. If you’re looking for a generator to run heavy duty equipment, look at the lower end of the list.

    Predator 2000 Portable Inverter Generator

    Parading a lightweight design, the Predator 2000 generator is a portable source of backup power. It has a starting output of 2000 watts and a running power output of 1600 watts.

    The model comes with a 79.7cc, air-cooled Predator gas engine. It provides enough power for the basic needs of a household in the event of an emergency. It features an ESC throttle switch and runs rather quietly with a decibel rating of roughly 66 dB.

    To start the unit, you use the pull cord on the side. A full tank can give a running time of 4 hours to more than 6 hours at about 50% load. You get a pair of 120V AC outlets and a 12V DC outlet in the mix for powering a variety of gadgets or appliances.

    There is an electronic overload protection feature as well as parallel capability function for increasing the power output with another generator. The unit also comes with a LED indicator for monitoring the oil level.

    The generator is fully-enclosed in a durable housing. It features a top handle to make it easy to carry around and only weighs 54 pounds. The unit also makes a great companion when thinking of spending time away from home on a camping trip.

    Predator 3500 Super Quiet Inverter Generator

    The Predator 3500 offers more punch than the Predator 2000 without sacrificing portability. This unit has a peak power output of 3500 watts – expect a running power output of about 2800-3000 watts. It is a better option for those who find the earlier model insufficient for their power needs.

    The Predator 3500 uses a 212cc, air-cooled OHV gas engine and boasts advanced inverter technology. There is a handy switch starter to make your life easier.

    At just 57 dB, the Predator 3500 has an even lower noise level than the 2000 model. It is no surprise, then, that it carries the tag "Super Quiet."

    It can run up to 6 hours at 50% load before you need to refill it. Besides the two 120-volt outlets from the 2000, this model also has a 120-volt twist outlet, but no 12-volt dedicated outlet. You’ll need to use an adapter to charge your portable electronics.

    The unit does feature an LCD screen that shows the oil level, power output, and load. It has the same parallel capability for boosting your total power output.

    There is also a 30 Amp RV adapter that you can use to power your camper for the night.

    The Predator 3500 shows a robust, compact design. Four wheels and a handle make it easy for getting this 110-pound wherever you may want to use it. It’s perfect for outdoor activities and work trailers.

    Predator 4000 Generator

    Next in line is the Predator 4000 model that delivers a running power output of 3200 watts. Weighing in at about 100 pounds, this unit is obviously intended as a stationary power source delivering more impressive power output.

    Getting the show on the road is a 212cc, air-cooled Predator gas engine. It can power several household items, including a TV and refrigerator all at once.

    The fuel tank holds about 4 gallons and, when full, can provide up to about 10 hours of power at 50% capacity.

    The Predator 4000 is not as quiet as the previous two models with a decibel rating of about 72 dB.

    It has practically all appliances covered with 120V and 240V AC and 12V DC outlets onboard. The unit, however, lacks an electric starter – it relies on a pull and recoil starting method.

    The generator features an indicator that shows you when oil level is low. It also has the ability to automatically turn off when oil levels drop too low.

    This will certainly be helpful for protecting against accidental engine damage.

    It’s not so heavy that you can’t lift it in an emergency, but this one might be best left in the garage or tool shed. It’s also the first model on our list not to feature the pairing functionality.

    Predator 6500 Portable Generator

    Powered by a robust gas engine, Predator 6500 can supply power even on construction sites. That should give you an idea of the weight of punch it carries. It delivers a power output of 5,500 watts.

    The 420cc OHV Predator engine is air-cooled to ensure top-notch performance. With a tank capacity of more than 6 gallons, you can expect the unit to run for around 10 hours on a full tank at 50% load.

    The noise level may be on high side for some, though, so be sure to use ear protection when you get close to it.

    Considering its size, it is not exactly unexpected that the generator comes with several outlets (four 120s, one 240, and one 12volt) for connecting your tools, appliances, or chargers.

    That should suffice for the needs of most users. There is also a flap on each of the outlets for protection when not in use.

    The Predator 6500 is obviously a bulky generator, weighing in at more than 200 pounds.

    But you get a wheel kit to make it easier moving it from one place to another. The kit includes 8” flat free tires and an adjustable steel handle.

     It has a small tool kit as well for carrying out periodic maintenance or repair.

    Predator 13,500 Portable Generator

    If the 6500 isn’t sufficient for your heavy duty power needs, you may want to look in the direction of the Predator 13,500.

    This delivers 11,000 watts of running power to run not only your home appliances, but also all your power tools.

    Under the “hood” is a 670cc (22HP) OHV gas engine with air cooling. With this kind of power, the generator delivers enough oomph to get you through any work day and any power outage at a price that ranks among the more affordable.

    It offers electric push start to make your life even easier.

    The run time of this unit is not as long as the other ones, but it is not too bad for one of this size. A full tank will give you around 7.5 hours at 50% capacity. And for a generator of this size, the noise level is not bad at about 78 dB.

    It has four 120v outlets, two 240v outlets, one 240v twist outlet, and one 12v charger outlet.

    The model shows off fully-enclosed high-impact housing and features electronic overload protection. It shuts down on its own when the oil drops too low to prevent damage.

    A unit of this size (over 400 pounds) is not the type you’re going to pick up and carry upstairs when the power goes out, but it is great for work trucks or small shops with its wheels and handle.

    Final Verdict

    So, which Predator generator is the best?

    With such a range available, it depends on what you want to use it for.

    Are you looking to make an investment for your business or do you want a quick alternative power source you can use when the lights go out?

    Best Predator Generator for Home or RV

    Predator 3500 Portable Inverter Generator

    If you want a generator for personal use, we like the Predator 3500. It has two 120v outlets and a 120v twist outlet with enough power to run anything you need to during a power outage or on your next weekend camping trip. 

    It’s “Super Quiet” at 57 dB and fairly easy to transport at only 100 pounds with a switch starter.

    Best Predator Generator for Business

    Predator 13500 Portable Inverter Generator

    But if you’re a business and want to keep your shop running when the main power goes down, or want a monster for your work trailer, the electric start Predator 13,500 is probably the way you should go. 

    At less than $3,000, the convenience of this beast will pay itself off in no time.