Shower heads come in so many styles and types today that you might wonder how you can actually find one that meets all your needs as well as the needs of anyone else who uses your shower.


Some of the things that you might consider when shopping include whether you want a hand-held one or one that mounts onto the wall as well as whether you need a high pressure model because you have poor water pressure.


Though the same model won both our award for the best overall and rain shower head, we also found the great options for hand-held and high pressure shower heads as well as the best option from Moen.


You can see which shower heads got our nod of approval before you shop.


Here are the Best Shower Heads by category:


Our Favorite Overall Option


The Cascada Classic Design 31 Inch Large Rain (Check Price on Amazon.com) is our choice because this is far more than just a rain shower head. It comes with a recessed panel that mounts onto the ceiling and a separate shower head that you can use with the rain head or on its own.


An included remote, which is waterproof, conatrol lets you shift between four different types of rainfall as well as the lights on the head, and this set also comes with a panel that has five knobs for adjusting the flow of the water.


Top Rain Choice


Even if you take out all the lights and knobs, the Cascada Classic Design 31 Inch Large Rain Shower Set(Check Price on Amazon.com) will still reign supreme as the top rain option because it features a larger rectangular panel that mounts onto the ceiling and forces the water down.


You can use the waterproof remote control to switch between the four different settings, which will change the intensity of the water, and you can leave the remote right on the included hook when not using it. The shower head also uses different colored lights to help improve your mood.


Top Hand-Held Choice


Though we looked at expensive and cheap hand-held shower heads, the AKDY 9″ Rectangular Quad Function Rainfall Jet Shower Head & Wand Combo (Check Price on Amazon.com) managed to stand out from the pack because it combines great features with an affordable price.


The rectangular shape has a waterfall setting that releases a large stream of water, a rainfall setting that mimics a rain shower head and a hydrating jet setting that lets the water massage away the tension from your body. It also comes with a hand-held shower head that detaches from the top and uses the same three settings.


Top High Pressure Choice


A good high pressure option will take the water pressure produced by your own shower and increase the intensity level of the water, which is just one of the reasons why the AquaDance Premium High Pressure 6-setting 5-Inch Shower Head (Check Price on Amazon.com) became our choice for the best high pressure shower head.


This is actually a set that comes with both a rain shower head and a separate hand-held shower, but both pieces provide all the high water pressure that you need. You can switch between six different settings on either head or use both together.


Top Moen Option


Moen uses the tag line, “buy it for life” because its products are investments that you can use for years to come, and when it comes to finding the perfect Moen model, none can compete with its 26008 Magnetix Hand-Held/Rain 2-in-1 Combo (Check Price on Amazon.com), which features two heads that snap together with magnets and come apart when you want to use those heads separately.


A three-way diverter lets you choose where the water flows, and the hand-held shower head comes with six settings and a pause button that temporarily stops the flow of water.


Top Shower Head Reviews On The Market Today



Rank Product Review Score
1 Cascada Classic Design 31 Inch Large Rain 
9.9 Buy on Amazon
2 GROHE Rainshower F-Series 1-Spray 20 In. Ceiling 
9.8 Buy on Amazon
3 KOHLER K-98740-SN Watertile Rain 
9.8 Buy on Amazon
4 Kohler K-13690-BN 12″ Contemporary Round Rain 
9.5 Buy on Amazon
5 Hansgrohe 27474821 Raindance 240 Air
9.3 Buy on Amazon


1. Cascada Classic Design 31 Inch Large Rain (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Cascada Classic Design 31


It takes quite a lot for a model to win two different spots on our list, but this Cascada Classic Design 31 Inch Large has all the luxury settings that will make you feel like you’re in a spa instead of your everyday ritual.


The model features a large rectangular panel that mounts to your ceiling, but the recessed design of the panel ensures that you don’t knock your head against it while moving.


LED lights inside the panel turn on and off with the touch of a button.


Whether you want to turn the lights on, or you want to use a different setting, you can use the included remote control, which is both waterproof and slip-resistant to keep your hands from sliding off.


This set also comes with a panel that has five different knobs that you can reach from anywhere in the shower and a hand-held option for use with or without the rain head. Not only is this set easy enough to install that you can do it on your own, but it comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.


2. GROHE Rainshower F-Series 1-Spray 20 In. Ceiling (Check Price on Amazon.com)


GROHE Rainshower F


When choosing a rain model, you can opt between one that sticks out or hangs down from the top of the shower or one that looks like a recessed panel like this Rainshower F-Series 1-Spray. GROHE included a number of its patented features like a StarLight finish that protects the surface of the shower panel from tarnish and scratches as well as SpeedClean system that resists the build of lime scale, making it perfect for use in bathrooms with hard water.


The panel also comes with a DreamSpray system that uses dozens of smaller holes and nozzles across the top to help more water come through and to help more water reach you.


Measuring 20-inches by 20-inches, the F-Series is also suitable in showers with lower ceilings and smaller bathrooms. As it mounts flush with the surface of your ceiling and doesn’t hang down, it will keep from feeling hemmed in when taking longer baths. It has an impressive 80 pressure per square inch rating and a 2.5 gallon per minute rating that increases the pressure of your shower without wasting a lot of excess water.


3. KOHLER K-98740-SN Watertile Rain Overhead (Check Price on Amazon.com)




This KOHLER panel is another good choice for those who have less space and those with smaller bathrooms because it does not hang down from the ceiling and will not get in your way or the way of any taller shower users.


This panel comes in several different finish options that you can choose from to match the overall style or decor of your bathroom, though we recommend the vibrant polished nickel option for most users because it will match most bathrooms. It has a flush mount design that keeps it as close to the ceiling as possible.


One unique feature of this KOHLER model is that it has four independent spray heads that you can adjust in different ways to target all areas of your body or specific parts, and each spray has a 0.6 gallon per minute flow rating, but when used all together, the shower panel has a maximum flow rate of 2.4 gallons per minute.


These produce such an intense spray of water that you can use the panel as part of a hydrotherapy treatment program. KOHLER gives you a template that you can use, which will make installing the panel easier.


4. Kohler K-13690-BN 12″ Contemporary Round Rain (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Kohler K-13690-BN 12


If you prefer a rain type that hangs down from the ceiling and brings the water close to your face and body, you might like the Kohler K-13690-BN 12″ Contemporary Round Rain model, which has an arm that lets it drop down from the center of the shower, but this arm also keeps the head stable and stops it from shaking.


It features air-induction technology that mixes more than two liters of air with the water that comes through to create larger water drops that feel more like a real rain shower. That makes it feel like there is more water hitting your body, even though it still uses just 2.5 gallons of water per minute.


Designed with a more contemporary look in mind, it comes in a vibrant brushed nickel finish, though you can select from different finishes, and it features dozens of nozzles that keep the water flowing and prevents the water from concentrating in just one spot.


Each of those nozzles is part of a MasterClean system that is resistant to the build of minerals caused by hard water to keep those nozzles free and working perfectly in the future.


5. Hansgrohe 27474821 Raindance 240 Air (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Hansgrohe 27474821


The Hansgrohe 27474821 Raindance 240 Air is another example of a rain type head with a lower profile because it comes with a short and squat arm that you can install right on the ceiling in your shower that will then support the full weight. Its brushed nickel finish walks the line between a contemporary and more traditional design and ensures that it will look nice in a master bath or a guest bath.


At 10-inches across, the Raindance is one of the larger rain options available, and it uses air technology that mixes the water with air to create larger drops that feel like real rain.


Across the surface are 180 dedicated channels or nozzles that each force out those larger drops, and the nozzles have a quick clean design that prevents scale and mineral build up inside, which in turns lets you spend less time cleaning.


Those nozzles also have a clog-free design that keeps each one free of common clogs. With a 2.5 gallon per minute flow rate, the Raindance  can give you the full sensation that you want without wasting water.


6. Moen 26008 Magnetix Hand-Held/Rain 2-in-1 Combo (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Moen 26008 Magnetix


After using the 26008 Magnetix Hand-Held/Rain 2-in-1 Combo just one time, you’ll understand why Moen says, “buy it for looks, buy it for life” in regards to its shower products.


The Megnetix system uses magnets inside the head to connect the hand-held portion to the rain portion that hangs on one side of your shower, and when you want to put the hand-held back in place, those magnets will ensure that the pieces snap together and that the hand-held never comes loose. An included three-way diverter can direct or divert the flow of water to just one or to both for using the two together.


Though the rain version has just one setting, which is a rain flow setting, the hand-held unit has six settings that include pulsating or massaging settings as well as more traditional flows, and there is a pause feature that lets you pause the flow of water before resuming it later. The hand-held unit has a curved end that almost has an ergonomic design as a five-foot long flexible metal hose.


7. Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rain (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Moen S6320 Velocity Two


With this model, you can recreate the love you have of playing in the rain in your own shower because this head uses new technology to increase the flow of water that comes through each of its nozzles.


Measuring eight-inches across, this reaches more of your shower and can even hold two people at the same time. It has a simple switch on the side for switching between a rain setting and a more traditional mode, which is great for those who like relaxing under a rain mode and cleaning under a more concentrated mode.


Its immersion technology increases the pressure and the power of the water that comes through, which in turn lets you enjoy more of that water and get out of the shower feeling fresher and cleaner. The Velocity comes in a chrome finish that is shinier and more modern to match more bathrooms, but this finish is resistant to both fingerprints and tarnish.


You’ll like that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty too, which you can use to exchange or return it for a full refund if it does not meet your needs.


8. Moen 26112SRN Six-Function 5.5″ Diameter Spray (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Moen 26112SRN Six


The brushed nickel finish on this 26112SRN Six-Function 5.5″ Diameter Spray Head from Moen gives it a slightly more contemporary look and helps you update your bathroom quickly because it installs in just 20 minutes or less.


It comes with a finish that is resistant to the spots left behind by water drying on the surface and from the fingerprints that your family leaves behind after a shower. A clicking system lets you move through six different flow settings via a small button right on the front .


This set includes both the faucet and an arm that you can install on the wall of the shower for using this as a more traditional shower faucet because that arm will keep it at the same angle and let you keep your hands free, but you can also adjust the arm based on where you want the water to go.


A long and flexible metal hose lets you pull it down from that arm to use it as a hand-held , and the magnetic docking station both ensures that the head goes back into place and that it never comes loose from the arm.


9. Moen 26602 Magnetix Hand-Held (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Moen 26602 Magnetix


A 60-inch flexible metal hose comes with this Moen 26602 Magnetix to make it the perfect shower faucet for every member of your family, including those who use shower chairs and your four-legged family members that you need to clean in the shower.


Its magnetic holder technology eliminates the problem that you have with other models dropping to the ground because it features a magnetic holder that allows it to slip back inside the holder without you fumbling around. The whole set comes in a chrome finish that has an almost reflective surface but won’t collect fingerprints or rust like other options can.


The six mode settings range between pulsating and lighter sprays, and the option measures five-inches wide to reach more of your skin in one swipe or movement. It is WaterSense certified because it uses just two gallons of water per minute but will not sacrifice the water you need.


10. Moen 21005 Refresh 7-Function (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Moen 21005 Refresh 7


Once you stand under this Moen, you’ll definitely feel more refreshed because this combo set includes both a standard as well as a hand held head. Moen picked a chrome finish for this model because chrome has a universal look that will match any type of decor, and the reflective nature of the chrome can help open up a smaller bathroom and make your shower feel larger too.


The hand shower itself measures nine-inches across and comes with a fixture on top that holds the hand-held  in place until you need to use it.


The hand-held also comes with a flexible hose that lets you use it further away from the standard head when washing your pets or cleaning the corners of the tub. You can use the small knob to choose which of the seven settings that you want to use, which include both massaging settings and more traditional shower settings.


Moen offers a limited lifetime warranty and creates faucets and other bathroom accessories that match its design and finish.


11. Moen 21007SRN Vitalize 7 Inch Rain (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Moen 21007SRN Vitalize


If you want to feel revitalized every time that you hop in the shower, you can install this Moen 21007 to change the way you feel about your morning or nighttime shower. At seven-inches across, it allows more of the water that comes out to reach your body, and depending on how you mount it, you can even adjust the angle and direction.


Though Moen calls this a rain type, you’ll find that it produces larger drops and a more intense spray than other options do.


The patented immersion technology created by Moen allows it to use the natural air in your shower to dramatically increase the size of the drops produced and to make the spray come out at a speed and pressure up to three times as great. Though it offers more pressure and power than other options, it still uses the same 2.5 gallons of water per minute, which can help you save on your water bills.


The brushed nickel finish is resistant to common problems too like spots and fingerprints.


12. Moen 6302 Moenflo XL Single Function (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Moen 6302 Moenflo XL


Though Moen makes dozens that are suitable for different types of bathrooms and houses, we wanted to include this one because it’s a great example of some of the more affordable options made by the company.


This is a highly compact head that won’t take up a lot of space, and while it doesn’t include a lot of features, it’s suitable for a guest bathroom or a bathroom used by kids. It comes with IPS connections that make it easy to install and just one setting that can reduce the amount of water wasted.


Though it has a chrome finish that will match the decor of the bathroom, this is a nonmetallic surface that won’t show fingerprints or spots the way that other metallic chrome finishes can, and you’ll find that you can easily clean both the finish and the spray nozzles.


Those spray nozzles also use nonmetallic materials that are resistant to the build ups caused by the minerals found in hard water that can reduce the water pressure. Despite having just one setting, it has an 80 psi rating and uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute.


13. Vida Alegría H5+ 2.5GPM Hand-Held (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Vida Alegría H5


No matter how you like to use your shower or the type of spray that you prefer, this faucet will meet all your needs because it comes with a conveniently located switch that you can turn around the side to choose the right setting for you.


It features a drenching spray that can make you feel like you’re under a waterfall, a pulsating massage setting for relaxing, a soft rinse that is lighter in nature and even a mode that reduces the flow down to a trickle for saving more on your water bills. The ABS finish as well as the nozzles are resistant to build up and other problems that can cause clogs and rust to form.


It comes with a flow restrictor that you can put right in the back to reduce the amount of water used, but this piece is also great for increasing the water pressure. You get a fixture that allows you to install and use the like a permanent model in the shower. It also comes off this fixture for use as a hand-held.


14. AquaDance 7″ Premium High Pressure 3-way Rainfall (Check Price on Amazon.com)


AquaDance 7 Premium


Though AquaDance may be a name that you never heard of before, its 7″ Premium High Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo is one of the top value picks for the money because it functions as both a hand-held and a rain head and gives you the option of using the perfect setting every day.


It comes with a fixture that acts like an arm to keep the rainfall at the perfect angle above your head and in the right spot on the shower wall. It measures seven-inches across and comes with jets that you can clean with a rub of your hand that are resistant to scale build up, a click lever for changing settings and a ball joint for adjusting the angle of the head.


Also included is a hand-held that you can use to target areas of your body or as an overhead option, and it has an ergonomic handle to reduce discomfort and a click lever dial. Both come with six built-in modes that include both power and rain settings as well as a water saving mode that reduces the flow rate.


15. Aqua Elegante 6 Function Luxury (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Aqua Elegante 6 Function


For a hand-held that you can install easily with your existing system, you won’t find one better than the Aqua Elegante , which has a screw-on attachment on one end that lets you screw it right onto the flexible hose.


Installing this is literally as easy as unscrewing the old one and throwing it away before screwing this one in place. It comes with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer and instructions that show you how to install it as well as Teflon tape for stopping leaks.


The silicone jet nozzles have a self-cleaning design that uses the water that comes through the jets to clean each nozzle and eliminate the build up caused by scale and mineral deposits. A flow restrictor at the base of the shower head let you adjust the amount of water that flows through to compensate for high or low water pressure.


It also has a spray setting controller on the front of the shower head that you can use for scrolling through six different modes or settings that include both waterfall and rain shower modes as well as pulsating and massaging modes.


16. AKDY 9″ Rectangular Quad Function Rainfall Jet (Check Price on Amazon.com)


AKDY 9 Rectangular Quad


The AKDY 9″ is our number one choice for a hand-held option, but this is more than just that because it also comes with a rainfall option that you can use at the same time. This is more of a permanent piece that installs onto your existing shower fixture, but you can still use this on a high efficiency setting that wastes less water.


With the included hand-held option, you can choose between a rainfall setting, a hydrating jet setting that uses pulses to reduce tension or a waterfall setting that lets more water cascade over you.


This hand-held acts like a wand and features a waterfall outlet that releases more water and 60 nozzles that you can use with the other two settings. A built-in two-way diverter makes it easier to divert the water to the head that you want to use, though you can also use both heads together.


The set also comes with an overhead fixture that lets you adjust the placement of the rain and the direction of its water and a five-inch hose for the shower wand.


17. Waterpik SM-653CG Original Shower Massage Faucet (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Waterpik SM-653CG


The chances are good that you know the name Waterpik, even if you never used any of its products in the past, because the company existed for so many years, and this SM-653CG Original Shower Massage is easily one of the top choices that the company still makes.


It features an amazing six different settings that include a power spray setting that releases more water in a concentrated grouping, a slow massage setting for massaging away stress, a full body setting that can clean your entire body and even a water saving mode that significantly reduces the amount of water used. It uses just 2.5 gallons per minute and comes in a model that uses only two gallons per minute to help you save even more.


A bracket on the back comes in a chrome finish that matches the chrome finish and lets you adjust the angle. It has an ergonomic grip on one end that reduces discomfort in your hand and a five-foot long flexible hose that lets you wash your pets or clean your shower with the hand-held head without getting on your knees.


18. Aqua Elegante 6 Function Hand-Held (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Aqua Elegante 6 Function Hand-Held Shower


The oil-rubbed bronze finish found on this Aqua Elegante gives a more traditional and even antique look that will stand out against all the contemporary chrome models that you’ll come across.


It comes with a removable restrictor that lets you reduce the flow of water, but you can also remove this small piece to get more water pressure while in the shower. Made from ABS plastic that is resistant to corrosion, it also has a brass fitting that the manufacturer guarantees will not crack, even after months of frequent use.


A self-cleaning design on the front makes this great for use in a recreational vehicle or in your own home because this feature allows  it to clean itself as water comes through without requiring that you clean it yourself. You can spin the lever on the front to move between six different modes, including a power blast and a gentle rain mode.


19. AquaDance Premium High Pressure  (Check Price on Amazon.com)


AquaDance Premium High


AquaDance also makes this Premium High Pressure option, which can help you recreate the feel of standing inside an elegant hotel shower while in your own home.


AquaDance put this option through a number of independent tests to ensure that it met the needs of shoppers and that it could stand up to the daily demands of use in most homes. Those tests found that it can withstand regular use without the nozzles clogging or spots forming on its chrome finish.


Designed for use in homes with limited water pressure, this is a high pressure version that comes with almost everything needed for installation right in the box. It increases the water pressure in your home to help you feel more relaxed while under the water and cleaner when you get out, and this model features an adjustable design and easy to clean jets.


It comes with six settings, including water saving, rain massage and power mist settings, and a five-year warranty from AquaDance.


20. ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa 6” Circular Ultra High Pressure Rain(Check Price on Amazon.com)


ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa


The ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa is a solid rain model for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bathroom renovation project, but it comes with ample nozzles that regulate the flow of water. As a high pressure faucet, it also uses those 90 nozzle jets to ensure that you feel a higher amount of pressure each time that you shower.


The complete set comes with a mesh filter screen that you can use to block out particles in your water, Teflon tape for eliminating leaks and instructions that let you install it in just three steps.


A flow restrictor on the back lets you change and restrict the amount of water that flows through the head to save more on your water usage, and it has a ball joint on the back for adjusting the angle.


ShowerMaxx designed this model to include jet nozzles that won’t leak, and those nozzles are also resistant to clogs as well as scale build up. As it uses high water pressure, it is good for those with longer hair.


21. WaterPoint High Pressure Rainfall (Check Price on Amazon.com)


WaterPoint 8 Inch Rain


You might think that you need to spend a lot of money on a rain type faucet, but the WaterPoint 8 Inch  is a good option for anyone looking to save money because it costs a fraction of what a traditional one would cost but lets you enjoy the feel of a rain type head.


A built-in air intake system inside  absorbs air from the shower and forces that air to mix with the water that comes from your plumbing to significantly increase the size of each water drop to make those drops feel like raindrops. It also comes with a swiveling ball that acts like an arm on top  to help you change the direction of the water.


Though it has a polished chrome finish, it features nozzles made from silicone that are resistant to mineral and scale build up and are easy to clean too. Though it’s a little smaller than other models at just eight-inches across, it provides all the water needed for an everyday shower and uses up to 30% less water than others do.


Our Favorite Overall (& Rain) Choice 

 The Cascada Classic Design 31 Inch Large Rain (Check Price on Amazon.com) is our choice because this is far more than just a rain shower head. It comes with a recessed panel that mounts onto the ceiling and a separate shower head that you can use with the rain head or on its own.

Even if you take out all the lights and knobs, it will still reign supreme as the top rain option because it features a larger rectangular panel that mounts onto the ceiling and forces the water down.

An included remote, which is waterproof, conatrol lets you shift between four different types of rainfall as well as the lights on the head, and this set also comes with a panel that has five knobs for adjusting the flow of the water.