Top Two Best Teeter Hang Ups on The Market Today

Rank Product Review Score
1 Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Inversion Table By Teeter Hang Ups 10 Buy on Amazon
2 Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 Inversion Table By Teeter Hang Ups 10 Buy on Amazon

Teeter Hang Ups Reviews: An in-depth Review of the Teeter Hang-Ups 560 & 960 Inversion TablesĀ 

Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Inversion Table (View on Amazon.com)

Your journey to reducing back pain should be an easy one, and the Teeter Hang-Up 560 inversion table can help you be at your very best. Through its ability to relieve muscle and joint stress, and aid in the better circulation of blood, the 560 not only allows you to stay in shape, but improves your posture and lessens all day stress.

This easy to use table comes largely pre-assembled, with the remaining set up easy to accomplish. Users have averaged a mere 25 minutes for initial set up, including the easy adjustment of the height and weight settings. After this first installment, these settings do not need to be changed, unless the machine is shared between two or more users of varying size.

This inversion table is certified for quality, and is built out of the finest materials. The steel in the 560 has been heat treated to optimal strength, and boasts non-squeaking pivot bearings and hinges that auto-lock for top structural safety. At around $300, this inversion bed is a more affordable, yet still high quality, pick for many users.

The 560 is safety rated for users under 300 pounds, and below 6.5 feet tall. When choosing the inversion table best suited to your needs, the safety factor is extremely important to consider. The Teeter Hang-Ups brand boasts a top rated safety system, working with clinicians and athletes to create a safe experience for everyday users. Your neck and back should never be at risk when using an inversion table, and with the 560, this level of safety is sure to please. A full, five year warranty ensures that consumers are completely satisfied with their purchase of the 560.

This machine is billed as easy to use, and comes along with an instructional DVD to ensure that claim. The stretching exercises demonstrated last between five and ten minutes, allowing the user to slowly ease their way into comfortable use of the machine. In terms of user comfort, the ankle straps of the 560 are reviewed highly among consumers. The ankle locks are constructed with foam, allowing the complete protection from any possible scraping. While other brands may increase the amount of pressure on the user’s ankles while inverted, the 560 eliminates this stress with its innovative support design.

Additional features found in the 560 include acupressure nodes which are removable accessories to the inversion table. These bumps can easily be fitted into different areas along the bed, and are reviewed as user friendly. The lumbar bridge also adjusts slightly, allowing users to stretch the muscles of the lower back more deeply than with simple use of the inversion table alone. Customers have rated this bed as easy to clean, and the construction of the model overall as quality.

The easy storage ability found in the 560 puts it a step above other inversion tables in its field. With its ability to be folded and stored away in 30 seconds or less, the 560 eliminates the need for extra exercise room, perfect for users with limited space available. At just under 70 pounds, this machine is sturdy enough to never tip over during use, but the large weight may pose some mobility problems for users, and care should be taken when storing the machine.

Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 Inversion Table (View on Amazon.com)

The Teeter Hang-Ups 960:

Receiving a wide range of top marked reviews, the Teeter Hang-Ups 960 is an inversion table that seems to work wonders in reducing muscle stress and joint pains in the back. This top quality machine is perfect for anyone looking to reduce back pain and increase the relief from joint and muscle distress on a fairly large budget. While the 960 is more costly than other inversion tables on the market, its price tag is simply indicative of its high quality and accessibility to users. At around $400, this machine comes almost completely assembled, and its instructions for the remaining set up are reviewed as simple and easy to follow.

The features of this model have been upgraded since the 950 version, with the old accessibility and user-friendly design still in place. The redesigned bed is now optimized for user comfort, consisting of two interlocking sections. Customers consistently rate it as comfortable and extremely flexible for maximum levels of quality usage. The 960 is designed to reduce any pressure exerted on the back when the user is not inverted completely, allowing for a larger range of stretching ability. The added feature of handles also assist in the process of resuming the upright position. This prime feature rates as extremely useful in performing various exercises as led by the included instructional DVD.

Other features not often seen in inversion tables of this quality include the angle tether strap, which allows the user complete control over their inversion with easy arm direction. From angles of 20 to 60 degrees, users only need one simple motion to glide between levels of inversion. The ankle support provided by the 960 is high quality as well. Users often commented on its ability to eliminate any stress on the ankles, an issue often reported with other inversion tables. Additional accessories include the lumbar bridge and acupressure nodes already familiar in other Teeter Hang-Ups models. Reviews of these add-ons allow the user to be sure they are receiving the most for their dollar.

The 960 has an extremely high quality of construction, with heat treated steel creating the A-frame structure. This heavy-duty machine weighs in at over 70 pounds, making it less mobile than some other designs, but sure to rank highly in safety. While the model does fold down to be stored under a bed or in a closet, users have mentioned that its weight makes it difficult to move, a downfall for customers with a limited area. Aimed for users under 6.5 feet and 300 pounds, the 960 has a five year guarantee not often found in other brands. This model is complete with hinges designed to auto-lock, ensuring that they never slip out of place. Safety should come first for your neck and back, and the 960 certainly doesn’t compromise in that regard. If you’re looking for a way to reduce back pain or stress the Teeter Hang-Ups 960 model is a highly safe and user recommended way to invert.