No one knows when the power’s going to go out. There could be a storm that knocks out the power lines or a problem with your electrical line. That’s why it’s always wise to have a portable generator on hand.

    You can also use one to make camping a little more comfortable or add some extra functionality to your work truck.  

    Choosing the ideal generator, however, can be a little tricky. There are multiple brands with diverse models on the market today. To make your life a little easier, we have reviewed, among others, the top-selling generators manufactured by WEN—one of the most popular manufacturers in the industry.

    WEN, since its founding in 1951, has been rolling out various portable generator models, including the WEN 56200i, WEN 56532, WEN 56180, WEN 56475, and WEN 56310. We’ve gauged each of WEN’s portable generators based on criteria of power generation (starting wattage, surge wattage, maximum wattage, and rated wattage output), noise factor, portability, estimated runtime, and user features.

    Best Choice

    WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watts

    Top WEN Generator Picks Today

    Top 7 WEN Generator Reviews

    These are the best 7 WEN generators. Because there’s such a wide range of wattage and portability available, we recommend household and weekend users start at the top while businesses start at the bottom.

    WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

    The WEN 56200i 2000-watt inverter generator is known for producing clean energy that is free of voltage spikes and drops. It is designed to limit total harmonic distortion down to under 0.3% when there is no load, and under 1.2% at full load. It is therefore safe to run cellphones, laptops, tablets, monitors, and other vulnerable electronics.

    The WEN 56200i is also quieter to operate than other generator models. Its 79.7 cc 4-stroke OHV engine operates at 51 decibels at quarter load.

    You’ll notice that it is quieter than your window AC unit, too. It’s ideal for use not only during a power blackout but during hunting, tailgating, and camping activities.

    It’s also an affordable and cost-effective choice because it maximizes fuel economy by automatically adjusting its fuel consumption.

    It is also capable of parallel connection with another generator using its parallel connection kit. You can plug in two 120-volt power cords.

    As for its portability and dimensions, this model is very lightweight at 48 pounds with a carrying handle for convenient transportability.

    The 56200i’s running wattage is 1600W while its surge wattage is 2000W. Its fuel tank can take one gallon of fuel and allow you to enjoy up to 6 hours of continuous power. The indicator light will tell you when it’s time fill up again.

    It really is a great choice if you want an efficient and quiet portable generator, and you don’t need to run too many things at one time.

    WEN 56180 1800-Watt Portable Power Generator

    Another great portable generator is the WEN 56180, which is a powerhouse generator that is perfect for job sites, emergencies, camping, and other outdoor activities that necessitate the use of this type of machine.

    It can run a microwave oven, sump pump, television, computer, slow cooker, refrigerator, blender, or almost any other appliance that runs off 120 volts.

    It has an internal air-cooling system that helps regulate its temperature and a low-oil shutdown feature that safeguards it from damage.

    The 56180 is a lightweight and very compact generator that runs at half load for almost 7.5 hours off 1.1 gallons of gasoline.

    Compared to the previously reviewed model, its running wattage is lower at 1500W, as is its surge wattage at 1800W.

    Its fuel tank, however, is bulkier than the 56200i at 1.45 gallons, and it is powered by a 98cc engine.

    It’s also heavier by 2 pounds, but has the added advantage of including a 12-volt “car charger” outlet for juicing up your cell phone, iPod, or speaker batteries.

    It’s a good option for those who want a little better fuel efficiency at a lower power output.

    WEN 56352 Gas Powered Portable Generator

    The WEN 56352 is definitely a powerhouse generator with a 4-gallon capacity fuel tank that can provide up to 11 hours of reliable power at half load. It can run all your essential electronics and appliances easily.

    It is also very portable with its smooth-rolling wheel kit with its space-saving fold-down handles that makes it easy to transport.

    It is safe for use in outdoor activities like camping in national parks because it has a spark arrestor.

    The 56352 features a digital readout that helps you manage its oil changes and maintenance schedule.

    It has a low-oil shutdown feature and an overload protection feature. It is powered by a 212cc engine that provides up to 3500 surge wattage and 3000 rated wattage.

    This is a great choice for those who need to run power equipment off of a portable generator. 

    Household users don’t normally need the increased wattage or the increased weight (approximately 100 pounds), but there are wheels to make moving it a bit easier. There’s also a 240-volt twist lock outlet for your larger appliances.

    WEN 56475 Gasoline Powered Portable Generator with Electric Start

    The WEN 56475 features a digital readout that helps users manage its maintenance schedule and oil changes. It also features an electric start, with low-oil shutdown feature and automatic voltage regulator. It also comes with an automatic overload protection feature for maximum safety.

    The 56475 is powered by a 223cc OHV engine that can produce 4,750 watts of power and 3,750 Watts of rated power. You can use this generator to run your tools or your TV, refrigerator, lights, sump pump, or any essential electronics in your house.

    You simply need to fill up its 4-gallon fuel tank, and you can enjoy up to 11 hours of power supply at half load.

    Its dimensions are 26.6 x 17.1 x 17.3 inches, with a weight of 116.5 pounds.

    This model has a surge wattage of 4,750, which is higher than the previously reviewed ones. Its running wattage is 3,750W, while its half load runtime is 11 hours. It is reliable and efficient.

    We love the electric start, which is a key convenience feature for any gas-powered machine, but we’re not too keen on the 116-pound weight. At least it has wheels!

    WEN PowerPro 56101 Portable Generator

    The WEN PowerPro is definitely a good choice if you are looking for a compact and efficient generator. It weighs less than 36 pounds and is equipped with a carrying handle. It stabilizes itself with help of the 4 rubber pads it has. This generator is surely designed for portability.

    The PowerPro makes use of either oil/ gas mix fuel that doesn't necessitate any oil changes. Its fuel tank can handle up to one gallon of fuel and it can run up to 5 hours at half load.

    The PowerPro operates quietly with its fan exhaust system. It is also equipped with a spark arrestor. At 22 feet distance, you can barely hear its 60dB sound.

    The PowerPro provides 1000W starting power and 900W running power. It has a 2HP single cylinder 2-stroke engine.

    If you are looking for an affordable generator to run your 120-volt power tools or provide temporary outdoor power, this should be one of your primary choices.

    If, on the other hand, you’re looking to power your household appliances during a blackout, not so much: better look elsewhere.

    WEN 56877 Gas Powered Portable Generator

    The WEN 56877 is a monster generator that could power any appliance in your home or any tool in your trailer. 

    It provides a very impressive 9000 surge watts and 7000 running watts.

    It is powered by a 420cc 15 HP OHV engine and its tank capacity is 6.5 gallons. It can run up to 9 hours at half load.

    The 56877 can be operated both at 240V and 120V. It features an electric start and is also packed with other features like a spark arrestor, automatic voltage regulator, power indicator lights, and a wheel and handle kit for moving this 224-pound beast around.

    It has everything you need, including the 12-volt battery charger for your portable electronics, but isn’t very portable itself.

    WEN 5613K Gas-Powered Portable Generator

    The WEN 5613K is the 344-pound ultimate dynamo for your work trailer. It can also power everything in your house if need be, but wouldn’t be as convenient to use. 

    It provides a surge power of 13,000 watts and rated power of 11,000 rated watts.

    The 5613K is powered by a 4-stroke OHV twin-cylinder engine that can run both 120V and 240V output at 60Hz. Its huge tank can accommodate up to 8 gallons of fuel and can provide long-term power supply and operation.

    It features a 7.5-hour runtime at half load. That’s enough to put in a full day’s work.

    The WEN 5613K is perfect for construction sites and any situation where you need a heavy duty alternative power source.

    Final Verdict

    After comparing and assessing the salient features of the different WEN generators on the market today, we came up with our best choices for household and business users.

    Best WEN Generator for Your Money

    WEN 56200i

    If you’re looking for a generator to get you through a temporary power outage or to take with you on weekend trips, we recommend the WEN 56200i.

    It’s very quiet and produces clean energy at 1600 rated watts and 2000 watts surge and doesn’t show any voltage fluctuation.

    It is also very lightweight as compared to other models and is remarkably user-friendly. It also comes with an Eco-mode feature that allows its motor to adjust its fuel consumption automatically according to your power needs.

    Although it has a smaller 1-gallon capacity fuel tank, it can provide 6 hours of half-load runtime.

    Other Options Worth Considering

    If you’re a business user looking to run your portable workshop, we recommend going for the WEN 5613K. It’s not too expensive and provides all the power and outlets you’ll need for a full day at the jobsite.