3 Best Zomei Tripod Reviews – Which One Should You Buy?

    A tripod is a must have for anyone who spends a lot of time taking photos, and one of the top companies responsible for making these accessories is Zomei. A tripod does a great job of keeping your camera at just the right height and angle to take steady and even shots, but you can also use one to insert yourself into those shots.

    Our top pick is the Z818C, which uses carbon fiber and can handle all types of weather conditions. It gives you the option of using the product at eight different angles, and the center actually comes out for use as a monopod. You can also use the quick release plate to conveniently remove your camera from the top.

    Our Pick

    Zowei Z818C

    We selected the Z818C as our top pick because it has a lightweight design that you can easily take with you and because you can break it down for storage.

    The monopod in the center works with the tripod to stabilize your shots, but you can also remove this piece and use it on your own.

    It works at eight different angles that let you take shots from almost any distance.

    The ball head located on the top is another reason to like this model. That head has a universal clip that will work with almost any camera to give you the stability that you need in the field.

    Should You Buy a Zomei Tripod?

    The chances are good that you might think you don't need a tripod, but there are some top reasons to invest in one.

    No More Problem Shots

    Track Moving Targets

    Save Space

    The Top 3 Zomei Tripods on the Market

    Zomei Z818C

    Finding the right model for you might be as easy as checking out the Z818C, which gets some of the highest reviews online and is our leading pick.

    Adjustable to a maximum height of 65 inches, it also expands to a height of 72 inches when used with the center pole. That pole comes out of the tripod for use as a monopod too.

    Designed for using at a minimum height of just 22 inches, this model lets you get closer to your subjects and still get some great shots.

    With a maximum load capacity of almost 40 pounds, this one will work with both traditional SLR cameras well as DSLR cameras from top manufacturers. The universal clip on top will support your camera too.

    In addition to a clip, the top also has a quick release plate that keeps your camera steady while you take shots and lets you quickly remove the camera. There is even a built-in bubble light. This light lets you see when your shot is level. Included in the packaging is an allen wrench for making quick adjustments and a carrying case.

    This is the ultimate product for both professional and amateur photographers who want to get out in the field as well as those who are more active. It weighs less than five pounds, which makes it easy to both store and carry.

    The Z818C also has legs that you can adjust to eight different angles, a universal ball head that is compatible with most types of cameras and a design that is resistant to heat and absorbs shocks.

    One potential issue with the Z818C is that it uses some lesser quality parts made from plastic. Plastic can break easily, especially when you drop the tripod or accidentally bang it against a hard object.

    Zomei Z818

    Though similar to our top pick, the Z818 comes with less features but a more affordable price that will work with more budgets.

    It is compatible with DSLR and other types of cameras from major manufacturers like Sony, Nikon and Canon. We like that this one has some bright orange accents across the top because those accents make it easy for you to keep an eye on the tripod while working outside, and that bright color also gives your subjects something to focus on as you line up shots.

    Made from an aluminum alloy, this model is the top choice for those who travel because it weighs less than other products and will fit easily inside any bag. Each of the legs surrounding the center pole, which acts like a monopod, has four sections that you can adjust for taking shots at different angles. Adjusting those legs also brings the height of the Z818 down to 18 inches or up to a maximum height of 65 inches.

    With a panning range of 360 degrees, the ball head on the top of this tripod swivels in all directions to let you track shots in video mode or follow your subjects as they move. This head has a quick release plate for convenient mounting of your camera on top and for removal of that camera too. It also comes with its own carrying case to help you save space in your camera bag.

    Benefits of this product include a ball head with a universal clip, a lightweight design and a 360-degree swivel pan range. It also has four sections of each leg that adjust its total height.

    One issue that some had with this model is that you need to twist the legs to adjust the position. If you do not use enough pressure, the legs can slip out of place.

    Zomei Mini Desktop

    One option that you might consider for indoor shoots or when taking photos at home is this mini desktop model.

    It's perfect for anyone who sells online because you can get the impressive shots needed to get more bids or to make buyers excited about buying your products.

    This mini model has a bright red finish with clear white markings along the center pole to help you measure out your angles.

    Despite weighing well under two pounds, this model can support the weight of a camera that weighs more than 11 pounds. 

    It comes with a ball head that swivels in multiple directions with just a little pressure and a quick release plate that can accommodate digital cameras from Canon, Nikon and other top brands. This plate can even keep your iPhone upright and steady as you take photos with your phone.

    The center pole extends to reach a maximum height of 18 inches, but you can also adjust the height down to less than six inches. A built-in bubble light lets you know which leg to adjust to keep the camera steady and at an even level. This model comes with a warranty that lasts for one year after your purchase too.

    The mini desktop model comes with some nice benefits like a lightweight design that drops its weight down to less than two pounds and ball head that swivels in all directions. It also features a cell phone adapter that lets you use this product when taking pictures with your iPhone.

    One of the more common problems found with this model is that it isn't a full-size tripod like the others that Zomei makes. This is best for taking photos in your home or at work rather than in the field, and it works better on stationary subjects that moving ones.

    The Best Zomei Tripod for Most People

    Not every photographer needs a fancy and expensive model, but photographers of all skill levels and abilities will appreciate using the Z818C, which is our top choice.

    Made from carbon fiber, it features three legs that you can adjust to different lengths to use the product at eight different angles.

    Each leg also has pointed feet for securing into the ground.

    That carbon fiber material also does a good job of absorbing the shocks that can occur when you accidentally drop it, and the material is resistant to heat too.

    The center has a quick release plate and can function as a monopod.

    Our Budget Pick

    Zomei Mini Desktop

    We really like the mini desktop model for those looking to save some money who also want something they can use at home or at work.

    It comes with a ball head that swivels and a quick release plate as well as a center pole that adjusts up to a height of 18 inches.