15 Best Commercial Embroidery Machines on the Market

    Rank Product Review Score
    1 CAMFive CFHS-CT1508
    10 Buy on Amazon
    2 CAMFive CFHS 1506
    9.7 Buy on Amazon
    3 Janome Memory Craft 1400 Sewing and Embroidery Machine
    9.4 Buy on Amazon
    4 CAMFive CFSE-DM1501 Commercial Embroidery Machine
    9 Buy on Amazon
    5 Brother Quattro 3 Trilogy Limited Edition Innov-is 6750D
    8.7 Buy on Amazon
    6 Janome Horizon Memory 12000 Embroidery
    8.8 Buy on Amazon
    7 Janome MB-4N 4 Needle Embroidery Machine
    8.5 Buy on Amazon
    8 Janome Memory Craft 11000SE
    8.3 Buy on Amazon
    9 Brother Innov-is 2500D
    8.2 Buy on Amazon
    10 Brother Innov-is 2500D
    8 Buy on Amazon
    11 Janome Memory Craft 8900QCP Special Edition
    8 Buy on Amazon
    12 Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine
    7.8 Buy on Amazon
    13 Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 930
    7.5 Buy on Amazon
    14 Brother SE1800 Sewing and Embroidery Machine
    7.3 Buy on Amazon
    15 Singer Sewing Co. #XL-550.CL Futura XL550
    7.2 Buy on Amazon

    commercial-embroidery-machinesBuying a commercial embroidery machine can help take your business to the next level. Machines designed for home use can usually perform only a handful of the functions that a commercial machine can. This may leave you struggle to work with harder or thicker materials and with getting your projects done on time. With a commercial machine, you can complete dozens or even hundreds of projects in a fraction of the time. These machines are great for those who want to open embroidery shops in their own towns and those who want to sell embroidered clothing and accessories online.

    After looking at hundreds of these machines, we selected the CAMFive CFHS-CT1508 (View Product on Amazon) as our leading model. CAMFive has a strong reputation for providing high-quality machines that will work on many different fabric and material types. This model comes with motors that produce an impressive 1,000 RPMs. Those revolutions help you get through projects faster without worrying about the material bunching or the finished embroidery looking patchy. It also comes with a touchscreen display panel that helps you more easily select the mode you want to use. While you have a lot of options in regards to a commercial embroidery machine, the CAMFive is one of the few models that can handle all your needs.

    How to Choose the Best Commercial Embroidery Machine

    Commercial embroidery machines are more powerful and can do many tasks that simple machines designed for home use cannot do. When looking for one to use for your business, you need to look at some of the same things you would with a cheaper model. We created a list to help you know what to look for when comparing these machines.

    Brand Name

    Buying from a trusted and reputable brand name can help you avoid any hidden surprises later. Most major manufacturers offer a dependable warranty that will last for several years after your date of purchase. If something goes wrong with your machine, you can request a repair or a replacement.

    Hoop Size

    Embroidery hoops help narrow down your field of vision and let you work on one specific area at a time. When choosing a commercial machine, look at the hoop size you can use with that machine.

    Sewing Size

    Similar to hoop size, sewing size refers to the amount of sewing space available to you when using one of these machines. A standard sewing size might be as small as four-inches by four-inches. Some commercial machines have a larger sewing size of up to 12-inches. The larger the sewing size is, the more room you have to work.

    Internet Connection

    Always check as to whether the embroidery machine comes with an internet connection. Having a Wi-Fi connection can make your life easier. This lets you instantly download patterns and projects right to the machine. Some manufacturers even have designs available on their websites that you can access through their machines.

    USB Port vs. Built-in Patterns

    Even if you don’t think you need an internet connection, you should still look for a commercial embroidery machine that comes with a USB port. This lets you download patterns to a USB drive, insert that device in the machine and access all your patterns. Some cheaper models come with built-in patterns that limit how you can use the machine. If you pick one that only has built-in patterns, make sure that it includes patterns you like and ones you will actually use.

    Material Types

    You also need to look at the types of materials that you can use with that machine. Many embroidery machines designed for home use will only work with lightweight fabrics like cotton. Commercial machines can work with thicker materials like wool.

    Thread Installation

    Buying an embroidery machine lets you use various colors of thread in your projects. Basic machines usually limit you to working with just one color at a time. You can attach the end of the thread to a clip and let the machine automatically wind the thread through. Commercial machines are often harder to use, but you can work with multiple colors or types of thread at the same time.

    Ease of Use

    Whether you need an affordable commercial embroidery machine or an expensive model that will last for years, you always need to consider the ease of use. Look for a machine that meets your needs and comes with detailed instructions for use.

    Top Commercial Embroidery Machines on the Market

    1. CAMFive CFHS-CT1508 (View on Amazon.com)


    Despite its hefty price tag, the CAMFive CFHS-CT1508 gets our nod as the best embroidery machine for commercial purposes. Not only does it come with free installation, but it also comes with continued support and training. CAMFive technicians will actually walk you through the process of using it after installing it in your facility, and it can train any other workers who need to use the machine. If you encounter any future problems, the company will send technicians back to your facility or respond to your questions over the phone. CAMFive can make repairs to your machine in the future too.

    One of the best features of this model is its high-speed motors. Those high-speed motors can produce up to 1,000 revolutions per minute, which is faster than any other model we saw. This helps you complete more projects in a shorter period of time, which is important when dealing with rush orders from customers. You’ll also like the internal disk that helps the machine run quickly without producing as many noises as similar machines do. Other reasons to love the CFHS-CT1508 include its touchscreen display and control panel, thread stopper, automatic thread cutter, 10H heads and 15 needles.

    2. CAMFive CFHS 1506 (View on Amazon.com)

    camfive-cfhs-1506The second best commercial embroidery machine we found is also from CAMFive. It comes with new attachments that let you add sequins and cords to your work. Though similar to the last model, it’s a little smaller, which is why we ranked it lower.

    To ensure that you both understand how to operate it and know what signs to look for, CAMFive includes on-site installation and training. Let technicians come right to your office or workplace to show you and your employees how to run it. You’ll also receive unlimited support in the future.

    As part of the company’s high speed series, its needles run at an impressive speed of 1,000 spins per minute. Not only does this help you complete jobs faster, but it also provides you with deeper definition in each stitch.

    CAMFive added a noise reduction system that keeps the motor from overheating and also lets you enjoy a quieter motor. Other top features include a thread stopper that keeps threads from tangling around the needle and bobbins and a touchscreen display that supports different languages. With six heads and 15 needles, this is one of the fastest commercial embroidery machines that is capable of working with different thread colors.

    3. Janome Memory Craft 1400 Sewing and Embroidery Machine (View on Amazon.com)

    janome-memory-craft-1400-sewing-and-embroideryNot everyone works in a standard embroidery shop, which is why Janome Created the Memory Craft 1400 for those who work on the go. Whether you work out of your home, or you work in the homes of your clients, you’ll have everything you need with you to handle those jobs. The machine itself is lightweight enough for moving from your home to your car, and you’ll get a carrying case that can hold the embroidery machine and all your necessary accessories.

    The exclusive bundle comes with accessories like extra hoops, eight packs of bobbins and a selection of threads. Many of those accessories will fit inside the included case.

    Janome includes a monogramming selection that features three letter functions and an additional 11 fonts that you can use with European lettering. When doing more traditional embroidery work, you can access 350 built-in designs. With its Horizon Link Suite, you can instantly access other fonts and designs from the machine.

    The manufacturer includes images of patterns, stitches and fonts right on the digital display to see how each one will really look. You can press on other buttons to change the size of your embroidery space, the size of your stitches and make other adjustments.

    4. CAMFive CFSE-DM1501 Commercial Embroidery Machine (View on Amazon.com)

    camfive-cfse-dm1501The CSFE-DM1501 commercial machine is suitable for even the busiest of shops. It comes with a small digital touchscreen display on the right side that helps walk you through the settings and lets you make adjustments based on color, size of stitch needed. You can access additional designs via the USB port on the side of that display.

    Find new patterns and monogramming fonts from CAMFive and other manufacturers or websites. Download each one to a USB stick, place that stick in the port and let the machine automatically find those stitches. You can then upload one or more fonts and patterns at the same time.

    As a commercial machine, this one can accommodate up to 15 thread types or colors. Those bobbins fit onto the back of the machine, but you can use one color or multiple colors at the same time. It also comes with a feature that lets you change colors automatically.

    Capable of doing up to 1,200 stitches in a minute, the DM1501 works much faster than home models. It comes with built-in memory that can remember 16 million stitches and functions that let you do embroidery work on hats, tubes and other objects.

    5. Brother Quattro 3 Trilogy Limited Edition Innov-is 6750D (View on Amazon.com)

    brother-quattro-3-trilogyWith a touchscreen display and hundreds of built-in stitches, the Brother Quattro 3 Trilogy Limited Edition Innov-is 6750D can handle every job. Touch that screen to bring up traditional sewing stitches, embroidery stitches or to edit embroidery work you did in the past. Take care of mistakes and errors you made in the past, or edit some of the designs you made and saved to the machine.

    Making clothing, hats, towels and other items for kids is easy because Brother includes an exclusive Disney package with this model. You’ll get more than 200 designs that feature Disney characters you can embroider on fabric, and you’ll get the classic Disney font too. The 6750D also comes with more than 670 embroidery designs you can reach from the touchscreen display.

    An LED pointer light makes it easy to see where your stitches start because that laser light will show you exactly where the needle drops on the fabric. As it uses two pedals on its controller, you can increase and decrease your stitching speed too. Use the included upgrade feature to find out about new patterns, fonts and designs that you can download right to the machine via the colorfully illuminated front display.

    6. Janome Horizon Memory 12000 Embroidery (View on Amazon.com)

    janome-horizon-memory-12000-embroideryIf you need more work space and a larger embroidery space, you’ll appreciate the Janome Horizon Memory 12000. A large steel plate on the front and side extends your work area and lets you embroider on longer or larger pieces of fabric. It actually has the largest work area of all Janome models.

    Though it comes with the same touchscreen display that others do, Janome actually lets you connect the machine to your computer. You can then make adjustments and changes via your computer and watch as the machine updates in real time. That touchscreen also provides you with complete access to all stitches, monogramming fonts and designs, including those you download or upload.

    Its AcuFeed system lets you design custom stitches from scratch too. Use the touchscreen to see how the stitches will look on your fabric before starting. That system can help you hem clothing, make quits and do other commercial craft projects with this machine.

    You’ll also receive a kit that comes with some useful accessories. Janome gives you a kit for making and filling quilts, five packs of needle tips, a variety of threads and a stand that can hold up to five spools of thread.

    7. Janome MB-4N 4 Needle Embroidery Machine (View on Amazon.com)

    janome-mb-4n-4While it lacks some of the CAMFive features, we think this Janome embroidery machine is great for those who want something more affordable. The machine features a simple and easy to use design. You can store up to 10 different colors or types of thread on the very top. With its touchscreen display, you can then determine which of those threads you want to use in a single project. An automatic thread cutter automatically cuts off the thread when it reaches the end of a project to keep those threads from unraveling later. Janome included sensors on both the presser foot and upper thread.

    Many will like some of the built-in features available on this model. It comes with 100 built-in designs that let you create embroidered pieces in a fraction of the time. Those designs include several for monogramming initials on clothing and several for creating fonts. With its expanded memory, you can even use designs of your own and those you find online. You may like the tension control lever too. This lever helps you easily adjust the tension based on the type of material you work with on a given project. A time indicator can also make your projects easier.

    8. Janome Memory Craft 11000SE (View on Amazon.com)

    janome-memory-craftThe Janome Memory Craft 11000SE gives you the complete control and precision required for making quilts and doing intricate embroidery work in one simple machine. It lets you embroider clothing and other items without the need for a separate hoop. As its work area features an open design, you can always see what the machine does as you use it.

    Though smaller and more lightweight than some of its competitors, it can still do the same things that a bulky commercial machine could. Its lightweight makes it perfect for working on projects at home or doing work for clients in their homes. You can even use this one to do embroidery work at a carnival, fair or even flea market.

    Janome added an AcuFil system that makes it easier than ever to fill quilts. Once you have the batting or filling between the fabric, you can select the right setting from the touchscreen and let the machine secure the filling between those layers.

    The touchscreen also includes buttons that let you effortlessly choose the type of material or fabric you want to work with and the type of stitches you want to use. Change the size or color and even access monogramming fonts with that touchscreen.

    9. Brother Innov-is 2500D (View on Amazon.com)

    brother-innov-is-2500dWith the Brother Innov-is 2500D, you can now operate your own embroidery business without investing in a bulky embroidery machine first. It weighs the same amount that any traditional Brother sewing machine would, but it has a full menu of embroidery options. Its compact size is great for working from home and working in the field.

    You’ll love the Disney package that Brother includes with this model. That package gives you access to more than 150 embroidery patterns designed by Disney. You can now embroider treasured characters like Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, The Little Mermaid and Mr. Incredible.

    In addition to those designs, it also comes with more than 80 stitches for doing more traditional work. You can embroider flowers, lines like waves and curves and even names or initials. The 10 included monogramming fonts come in both traditional and modern styles.

    The touchscreen includes buttons for character designs, embroidery stitches and utility stitches. Utility stitches let you create a simple outline, while embroidery stitches are more intricate. An embroidery edit feature lets you go in and change the standard stitches that come with the machine, and an advanced threading function helps you quickly thread your needles before sewing or doing embroidery.

    10. Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9900 Sewing (View on Amazon.com)

    janome-horizon-memoryDo both sewing and embroidery for your clients with the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9900. It has a sleek and stylish design with some bold red accents, but it’s roughly the same size and shape as a standard sewing machine. Once you see the embroidery features it offers though, you’ll never waste money on another sewing machine.

    It comes with an impressive array of editing tools and functions that you can use from the touchscreen to customize patterns and stitches. Those functions let you change the colors you use, drag and drop elements on the fabric, trace an existing pattern or design to use it a new place and even duplicate old patterns. You can also resize stitches, flip designs and combine two elements into a single piece.

    Though it has a sewing speed of around 400 stitches per minute, it can do up to 800 stitches per minute with more basic patterns. The maximum embroidery size is 6.7-inches by 7.9-inches, but you can reduce that work area based on your current project. This set also comes with a bundle of handy accessories that can help with your tasks, including a travel/storage case with rolling wheels and a telescoping handle and extra bobbins.

    11. Janome Memory Craft 8900QCP Special Edition (View on Amazon.com)

    janome-memory-craft-8900qcpA rotary bobbin system, built-in stitches and a fun design are just some of the features you’ll love about the Memory Craft 8900QCP Special Edition from Janome. It has a solid white finish with some cool blue accents that you won’t find anywhere else. Janome designed this embroidery machine to work like a sewing machine, making it suitable for those with limited space.

    It features 270 built-in stitches that help you make everything from ocean waves and straight lines to chevron patterns and floral designs. Some of those stitches are up to 9mm wide, which is wider than most similar machines can produce. You can also make 11 different buttonholes with just one step and use one of three different monogramming and alphabet fonts.

    The front of this Memory Craft embroidery machine features a digital display, buttons and a knob that helps you quickly scroll through different fonts and stitches. You can load bobbins through the top, which lifts off the machine, and the top also includes some extra storage space.

    This special edition embroidery machine comes with a bonus kit that gives you extra bobbins and other accessories. You’ll also get a plastic plate that fits over the base of the machine to extend your embroidery area.

    12. Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine (View on Amazon.com)

    janome-memory-craft-400eAs it may not quite meet all the demands that you commercial business puts on it, we had to put the Janome Memory Craft 400E a little further down on our list. It comes with a rotary hook bobbin on the top that makes it easy to find your bobbins and start using any type of thread. You’ll also like the larger embroidery size, which measures 7.9-inches by 7.9-inches.

    As with other embroidery machines, it comes with a number of stitches built right inside. You can use six different monogramming fonts and 160 other types of designs. Selecting the design that you want is as easy as scrolling through the options on the digital screen.

    That digital screen is bright enough for seeing the settings in the middle of the day or while working at night. You even have the option of selecting two monogramming fonts for use at the same time. With an embroidery speed of up to 860 stitches per minute, it helps you get work done faster than before.

    Use a USB stick to access even more fonts, stitches and patterns. Janome lets you use designs you downloaded from its site and other sites and your own designs too.

    13. Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 930 (View on Amazon.com)

    husqvarna-viking-sapphire-930With the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 930, creating embroidery for yourself and that you sell to others is a breeze. While it cannot accommodate multiple thread colors and has a smaller embroidery space than most commercial models, it’s a solid machine that works in the same way sewing machines do. That significantly cuts down on the time it takes for you to learn how to operate it.

    Thanks to its built-in computer, you have hundreds of stitches and patterns at your disposal. Press the button on the front to select the type of font you want before scrolling through all associated fonts to find the exact one you want. Though some are basic stitches designed for hemming and creating buttonholes, others are more suitable for embroidery work.

    It also comes with a patented sewing adviser that makes doing embroidery and sewing even easier. When you select the setting you need, the machine will automatically change the tightness of the thread to the appropriate tension for that stitch. This features works with quilting projects too.

    The Sapphire 930 also features an exclusive sensor. This technology lets the machine identify the weight and thickness of the fabric and will automatically adjust to prevent snares and mishaps.

    14. Brother SE1800 Sewing and Embroidery Machine (View on Amazon.com)

    brother-se1800-sewingFor a more affordable way to do embroidery, reach for the Brother SE1800 Sewing and Embroidery Machine. The included Grand Slam package comes loaded with bobbins, scissors and hoops that you can use with the machine. Those hoops keep the machine stable and help you select the exact area you want to embroider.

    Built-in designs help you create the standard and traditional designs that your clients want. You’ll get 136 embroidery designs that include lines and flowers built right into the computer. It also comes with six fonts suitable for doing monograms and creating letters.

    If you have designs of your own, or you purchase or find free designs online, all you need is a USB drive. Save those patterns on the drive, insert it into the machine’s USB port and let it automatically find and upload those designs. You can also use one of the more than 180 built-in sewing stitches or design your own custom stitches.

    The SE1800 features an adjustable lever that increases or decreases your work area and a hard storage case that protects the machine from dust and debris. With the included embroidery hoops, you can create designs that range in size up to five-inches by seven-inches.

    15. Singer Sewing Co. #XL-550.CL Futura XL550 (View on Amazon.com)

    singer-sewing-coThough it may look a little too basic for your needs, the Futura from Singer is a solid embroidery machine that is suitable for those on a budget. It looks like a classic Singer sewing machine but can handle a number of embroidery tasks too. Singer includes a limited lifetime warranty too that offers some protection against damage and issues.

    The built-in stitches and patterns make this a great choice for commercial purposes. You can access approximately 125 designs from the front touchscreen, which also gives you access to 20 monogramming fonts that include some of the most popular designs. It also comes with a lock stitch feature that locks in the stitch you select to reduce errors.

    One of its best features is that its work space actually extends. You can grab the top handle, push it down towards the bottom of the machine and have more space for working, or you can pull the handle up towards the front to narrow down on a specific area of the fabric.

    Singer added images of some of the most used stitches on the front and included a patented threading system to make threading the twin needles attached to the machine easier.

    Our Favorite Commercial Embroidery Machine


    Buy The CAMFive CFHS-CT1508 on Amazon.com

    Our choice for the top commercial embroidery machine is the CAMFive CFHS-CT1508 (View Product on Amazon). While its high price might put off some shoppers, you’ll get support from the manufacturer that other companies cannot provide. As this is also one of the largest machines we came across, we like that CAMFive will actually come out to your place of business and install the machine for you. This gives you the chance to ask questions about how to use it and questions regarding its general maintenance.

    CAMFive includes a noise reduction system that significantly reduces the noises that it produces. Other commercial machines are so loud that you have a hard time hearing others speak in the same room. This one can run just as quickly as other machines but at a lower noise level. It comes with several automatic detection systems too. One of those systems will alert you to jams and problems that can interfere with the production of an entire run. Another system alerts you when the thread breaks or the cutter breaks down.

    Capable of working with dozens of different types and colors of thread at the same time, this embroidery machine also comes with a touchscreen display. That display has several language settings available, which makes it great for use in a bilingual facility. CAMFive has offices in both California and Florida. When you buy one of these machines, you can arrange for technicians to come to your facility and install it on the premises for you.

    Top-Rated Value Commercial Embroidery Machine

    Spending a lot of money on a commercial embroidery machine isn’t always possible, which is why we picked the Necchi QS60 Computerized Sewing Machine with Exclusive Bonus Bundle (View on Amazon.com) as our best value bundle. It comes with more than 60 built-in stitches and a handy reference guide placed on the lid, and it can preform up to 1,000 stitches every minute.