Top Ten Best Electric Smokers on The Market today

    Rank Product Review Score
    1 Bradley Smokers Original Smoker
    By Bradley
    9.9 Buy on Amazon
    2 Masterbuilt 20051311 GS30D 2-Door Propane Smoker
    By Masterbuilt
    9.7 Buy on Amazon
    3 Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker
    By Masterbuilt
    9.3 Buy on Amazon
    4 Smokin Tex Pro 1400
    By Smokin
    9.2 Buy on Amazon
    5 Masterbuilt 20070210 Black Electric Analog Smoker
    By Masterbuilt
    9 Buy on Amazon
    6 Brinkmann 810-7080-K Electric Gourmet Grill and Smoker
    By Brinkmann
    9 Buy on Amazon
    7 Old Smokey Electric Smoker
    By Old
    8.9 Buy on Amazon
    8 Smokin-It Model #2 Electric Smoker
    By Smokin-It
    8.8 Buy on Amazon
    9 Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker with Window
    By Smoke
    8.3 Buy on Amazon
    10 Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker, 30"
    By Char-Broil
    8 Buy on Amazon

    While it’s true that you can use gas grills or an all purpose charcoal grill in order to cook delicious smoked meats, if you want to make the most amazing turkey, pulled pork, bacon, or ribs, then you certainly need to consider getting a smoker. But since there are so any choices out there, it can be a bit difficult to know which type you should go for. Luckily, we’re going to help you take out the guess work by providing you with the top 5 tips you should consider prior to getting your first and best electric smoker.

    1. Safety

    One of the first things you need to consider when getting a smoker is safety. No matter the brand you go for, the smoker needs to be pet and child safe. Are the handles cool? Do the wheels work properly? Also, are the electrical parts of the smoker safe from snow and rain? It’s very important that you go for a smoker that features coiled stainless steel handles, since wood handles will eventually disintegrate.

    1. Temperature range

    Are you unable to crank up the smoker up to three hundred and twenty five degrees F to cook a turkey, for instance? How about 500 degrees F? If the smoker you plan on buying can reach these temperatures, then that’s a good sign you’re going to be very happy with it, since it can smoke a wide range of meats.

    1. Storage and work surfaces

    Depending on the smoker you get, some of them may feature built in tables and similar work surfaces. The reason you need to have a work surface is because it can be highly useful when it comes to putting tools on, mitts, cutting boards, sauces and so on. On top of that, you may also want to make sure that your smoker comes with a storage bin, depending on your needs.

    1. Footprint

    Another thing you need to look for in a smoker is footprint. After all, no matter what you’d like to smoke, it’s very important that there is plenty of space around the smoker so that you won’t set anything on fire. For instance, if you go for a bullet shaped smoker, this type is only going to take up a space of around three by three feet, meaning there’s going to be little space around it. However, when it comes to a small offset, it can take up to twelve by five feet with space around it.

    1. Capacity

    Last but not least, you need to make sure the smoker you get has the right capacity for allowing you to smoke all kinds of meats in a single session. Sure, if you don’t plan on smoking too much meat, then a small bullet smoker is going to get the job done well, but if you like to frequently throw parties, then it’s clear you need to get a larger smoker.

    Now that you know what to look for in a smoker, let’s take a closer look at the top 10 best models you should consider.

    Top 10 Electric Smokers:

    1. Bradley Smokers Original Smoker
    2. Smokin-It Model #2 Electric Smoker
    3. Masterbuilt 20070210
    4. Masterbuilt 20075315
    5. Smokin Tex Pro 1400
    6. Char Broil Vertical Smoker
    7. Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker with Window
    8. Masterbuilt 20051311 GS30D
    9. Brinkmann 810-7080-K
    10. Old Smokey Electric Smoker

    Bradley Smokers Original Smoker

    If you’re looking for the best electric smoker, then you need to get a Bradley. For many years now, Bradley has created a great reputation for themselves by releasing top class smokers, with the Bradley Original smoker being one of the top choices for millions of people who absolutely love perfectly smoked ribs, sausages and more.

    What makes this model special is the fact it comes with four removable racks and a stainless steel interior which greatly increases durability and makes cleaning it a breeze. The temperature controls are also very easy to use and provide a controlled and consistent temperature and smoke. Speaking of which, the maximum temperature is 250 degrees F and if you want, you can also use the smoker as a slow roasting oven or slow cooker.

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    Smokin-It Model #2 Electric Smoker

    The Smokin-It Model #2 Smoker is a special smoker and that’s because it’s designed for portability and ease of use. Not only is it made from 201, eighteen gauge stainless steel, but also features heavy duty three-inch diameter casters, a smoke box, a drip pan and 4 grilling racks (stainless steel). Controlling the temperature of the Model #2 is simple and can be adjusted from 100 F to 250 F by using the rheostat.

    Unlike others smokers, you can store up to thirty five pounds of seafood or meat in it and given the face it’s insulated with fiberglass, it can effectively reduce heat loss which ensures your meats are always smoked fast and thoroughly. In terms of build quality, this is an all stainless steel smoker.

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    Masterbuilt 20070210 Black Electric Analog Smoker

    The thirty inch smokehouse form Masterbuilt makes slow smoking as simple and enjoyable as grilling thanks to its variable thermostat temperature control and 3 chrome coated smoking racks. Thanks to the built-in thermometer, you always know what temperature the food is smoked at, so no more will you have to worry about overcooking it.

    Speaking of which, the cooking area is almost 548 square inches with the temperature ranging from 100 degree F to 400 degree F. When you’re done cooking, cleaning is a breeze thanks to the included removable water and drip pan. This model also features dual wall insulation for better smoking and less heat loss.

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    Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker

    Use by tens of thousands of people thanks to its excellent smoking abilities, the Masterbuilt 20075315 is a chef’s best friend. It comes with an integrated control panel and an LED display which can be easily read even in direct sunlight, but also complete foam insulation to keep the heat in, meat probe and a built-in radio frequency remote.

    With the Masterbuilt 20075315, you get 975 square inches of cooking space, four cooking racks, a drip catching system that makes cleaning a breeze and also an internal light to easily see how long you need to continue smoking your meats. All in all, this is a robust, yet very effective smoker you’ll absolutely love using.

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    Smokin Tex Pro 1400

    Since it comes with 5 varieties of sample wood, the minute you get the smoker you can start smoking in a heartbeat. With the Tex Pro 1400, your food is slow cooked at the exact temperature you want, which ranges from 100 degrees F and up to 250 degrees F. Using this smoker is also a breeze and all you need to do is put in your food, the type of wood you want, then shut the door and select the temperature. You don’t need to check on it while cooking!

    The full stainless steel, insulated and double walled construction makes this a very sturdy smoker that’s going to last for years. Capacity wise, you can smoke about thirty eight pounds of meat in a single session, which is very impressive.

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    Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker, 30″

    Featuring three adjustable cast iron cooking grates that total five hundred and four square inch of space and having a large smoking chamber as well, the Char Broil smoker is a beast. The double walled and insulated construction is perfect if you want to maintain an even temperature. Speaking of which, the 1500 W variable heating element with variable temperature can effectively and easily heat water and wood chips for smoking.

    Other features that make this the perfect smoker for a lot of people include 3 chromed plated cooking grates, the temperature gauge that features a bezel, chrome plated handle and the porcelain water and wood chip pan.

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    Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker with Window

    For smoker style cooking, you’d be hardly pressed to find anything better than the Smoke Hollow electric smoker with window. As the name suggests, this is an electric smoker and it operates much like your electric oven, with the advantage of never having to worry about running to of LP gas. So all you need to do is add your favorite wood chips, your preferred meats and then turn it on.

    Features-wise, the Smoke Hollow comes with 3 cooking grids, a high temperature painted wood chip box with porcelain and lid coated water pan, but also features a double walled construction that makes it easy to maintain your desired smoking temperature.

    At the heart of it all is the 1500W heating element with fully adjustable temperature control that makes smoking a real pleasure.

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    Masterbuilt 20051311 GS30D 2-Door Propane Smoker

    The full flavor of slow cooked food is a staple of outdoor cookouts that many of us enjoy. If you love outdooring and smoked foods, you should know that there’s no better way of achieving the same rich and smoky flavor you than by using the new

    Masterbuilt 20051311 GS30D electric smoker. One of the main features that make this a great buy is the electronic push button igniter, but also the 4 chrome cooking racks and massive seven hundred square inch cooking surface.

    This model also comes with a built in temperature gauge, which means that you can always know the temperature inside the smoker and the right time to add various types of meats.

    The Masterbuilt 20051311 GS30D also comes with a type one regulator with hose, a stainless steel burner and cool touch wire handles which means that you can open the door safely without having to worry about burning your fingers.

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    Brinkmann 810-7080-K Electric Gourmet Grill and Smoker

    Thanks to its small footprint and 1500 W heating element, the Brinkmann 810-7080-K is an ideal smoker for those who don’t have too much space and would love to also get a smoker than can be easily moved around. This particular model is UL listed and since it comes with wooden handles, you can easily open the door at any given time without having to worry about burning your fingers.

    The two steel cooking grills are chrome plated and make it easy to smoke up to fifty pounds of food in a single session, so no matter if you want to have a few friends over or throw a big 4th of July party, there’s going to be plenty of food for everybody. The smoker comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

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    Old Smokey Electric Smoker

    The Old Smokey can get some smokin’ good results and what’s great about it is that you won’t need to use any water. All you need to do is close the door and the sealed lid is going to do its magic by capturing the juices of your favorite meats which we all know add a lot to the final taste.

    For more flavorful food, the flat top design provides even and constant basting. Comes with carrying handles, smoking chips, a drip pan and 2 cooking racks. It’s also made of aluminized steel (corrosion resistant) with adjustable heat control and an electric heating element.

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    Best Electric Smoker: Bradley Smokers Original Smoker

     Buy The Bradley Smokers Original Smoker on

    If you read our electric smoker reviews and are still unsure about which model you should get, then let us make it easier for you. In our tests, the Bradley Smokers Original Smoker (View Product on Amazon) fared the best and that’s why we awarded it our top choice award. Not only can it cook up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, but it also features a 100& stainless steel interior that increases its durability and comes with four high quality removable racks as well. Since it can double as a slow roasting oven or slow cooker, it proves that this is more than just a smoker and therefore deserves to be our top pick!