Top Five Best Gun Safes on The Market Today

    Rank Product Review Score
    1 Ivation Portable Biometric Car Gun Safe By Ivation 10 Buy on Amazon
    2 V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe (Black, 42-Inch) By V-Line 10 Buy on Amazon
    3 Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E 14.4 Cubic Ft 30 Rifle Gun Safe By Mesa Safe 8.6 Buy on Amazon
    4 Paragon Lock & Safe - 8 Rifle Safe Cabinet Firearms Safe By Paragon 6.8 Buy on Amazon
    5 14 Capacity Fire Gun Safe By Sentry Safe 6.0 Buy on Amazon

    The Best Long Gun/Rifle/Shotgun Safe

    As you are aware it is crucial that you own a sturdy safe for your guns to keep them secure. There is no point in buying a safe simply because it is cheap. Some people do not realize the importance of having a good reliable safe for your guns. A safe will keep them away from any children and also keep them hidden from any intruders. The decision of which safe to buy can be very tough so you need to make sure you fulfill your own personal criteria. You will need to consider what size of safe you own, how many guns you own, the types of guns you own and if you have children in the house. If you own shotguns or rifles you are certainly going to require a larger safe to hold these guns.

    Make sure you opt for the most secure safes and not the most attractive safes. Safety is the key here so the way the safe has been furnished should not influence your decision. A good way to determine whether a safe will be sturdy or not is to know how much it weighs. If a safe is very heavy then it is usually going to be really secure and reliable. Don’t buy a large safe which weighs very little as the steel must be extremely thin.

    Here are the best long gun/rifle/shotgun safes. These safes can be very large and be extremely heavy, however they are the most secure to keep your guns hidden. Out of the top 5 safes selected here it is definitely recommended that you look into purchasing the Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E. This is guaranteed to keep your safe out of harms way and weighs an astonishing 670 lbs.

    This is one of the most secure gun safes you will ever come across on the market and it can also store up to 30 guns. You are about to read honest reviews on the top 5 best long gun/rifle/shotgun safes so take note as this will hopefully help you decide which safe to buy.

    Ivation Portable Biometric Car Gun Safe (View on

    Rated as the best gun safe for these types of guns the Mesa is 14.4 cubic feet high allowing you to contain up to an incredible 30 rifles. A digital lock is used on this safe which allows convenient quick access. This is fantastic for a household gun safe as you can grab your guns quickly in the event of a break in. The Mesa is built from pure steel which has an overall thickness of 1 and a half inches.

    This proves you will have a very reliable and secure safe keeping your guns out of the wrong hands. Weighing in at 670 lbs you can be sure that the Mesa is fireproof and can sustain any type of physical damage. Tool attacks on this safe are simply not an option for intruders. This safe also has a nice fully upholstered interior which will survive in temperatures as hot as 1750 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also use the four anchor holes to secure the safe to the floor if you desire.

    The Mesa can be purchased on Amazon for around $1200 and it is certainly worth every cent. On Amazon there have not yet been any negative review for this safe. You will notice that everyone who has purchased this safe has been very impressed with it and knows it is completely secure.

    V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe (View on

    This safe is known to be a very reliable and secure safe. In size it is 12.5″ x 55″ x 19.75″ which is perfectly suitable for shotguns and long guns. Rifles will fit easily into this safe which can store up to a maximum of eight rifles making it very efficient. However this is nothing compared to the Mesa’s magnificent 30 rifle capacity. The guns which can be stored can be no longer that 47.5″ long and there is also a neat interior cabinet which can actually be locked with a separate set of keys for that extra security. You will also have anchor bolts with this safe which always comes in handy and the safe weighs approximately 102 lbs.

    This is a huge positive for the safe as weight shows that it will be sturdy and secure. This safe will be hard to break through for criminals who plan to use any tool attacks. A great aspect of this safe is also the fact that there are concealed hinges provided which enable anti-theft protection. The Paragon 7550 safe has an excellent customer satisfaction rate on Amazon and actually has very few negatives. One negative is that the safe tends to make a lot of noise when you open it and that it can sometimes feel unbalanced. This is why it is rated below the Mesa which is more secure and weighs 500 lb more. Nonetheless the Paragon 7550 is recommended and can be bought for around $430.

    Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E 14.4 (View on

    This gun safe is certainly sturdy and made from solid steel which is able to resist any mechanical tool attacks. The material which is used is extra thick 18 gauge solid steel. You will notice inside that there are tamper-proof hinges and the door can be opened with the secret pin code or emergency keys provided. The pin code can be changed an unlimited amount of times which is a good advantage for this safe.

    If your children try to watch you type in the pin code you can simply change it to a new code so they will be unable to access the safe. The majority of customers who bought this safe have claimed that the safe is sturdy and has been very well built. On the other hand some customers have reported that the safe has some issues with a loose fit or a rattling noise when the door is closed.

    Apart from those little negatives the safe is certainly worth considering as it is much more efficient than most safes on the market. However the Paragon 7550 may be little more efficient as it has anti theft protection and is larger. This safe can be bought on Amazon for a healthy price of $360.

    Paragon Lock & Safe – 8 Rifle Safe Cabinet (View on

    This safe has been recognized as extremely efficient due to the fact that it has a capacity of 10 rifles. This may seem small compared to the Mesa safe, however it is a lot compared to some of the cheap safes you see on the market. This safe is proven to be effective and reliable as it has been Police approved and MOD approved.

    This can only be an advantage to this safe and it is also possible to wall fix this safe. You can purchase this safe for around $650 on Amazon which is pretty generous due to the quality of this safe. It may not be the best choice, however it is one of the best safes you can get so it is worth checking out.

    14 Capacity Fire Gun Safe (View on

    This specific gun safe has been very popular with most people because it has a good capacity of 14 guns. The manufacturer is well trusted and has built a huge reputation. The safe is secure and weighs over 160 lbs. Although it is not as heavy and does not have the capacity of the Mesa, this safe is certainly worth every cent. This is an above average safe which costs around $1600 on Amazon. The price is expensive, however it is a fantastic secure safe designed to protect your guns. You will be impressed with this safe. The only negative of this safe is the fact that it is very expensive and not quite as efficient as the Mesa. This is why it is rated at number 5. Overall the safe is worth having a look at.

    So with these reviews it is fair to say that the top 5 best long gun/rifle/shotgun safes are all worth buying. However the Mesa is highly recommended as it is incredibly secure and sturdy. The weight of the safe proves it is secure and heavily armored. This safe is certainly worth buying so you should have it on your shortlist. The capacity of 30 rifles is fantastic and there are not many safes which have a capacity over 20 guns. With very few negatives and a bunch of positives the Mesa comes on top. You will never need to replace this safe as it is designed to last years. This is why the Mesa is labelled as one of the most reliable safes available.

    Hopefully these reviews have helped you decide what the best gun safes are. You should look into all 5 of these safes and make sure they fulfill your personal criteria.