Top Five Best Lightweight Strollers on The Market Today

    Rank Product Review Score
    1 UPPAbaby 2015 G-Lite Stroller, Denny By UPPAbaby 10 Buy on Amazon
    2 Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller, Tangerine By Chicco Capri 9.7 Buy on Amazon
    3 Peg-Perego 2010 Si Stroller, Black Step By Peg Perego 9.6 Buy on Amazon
    4 Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller In Black, Gray Frame By Baby Jogger 9.4 Buy on Amazon
    5 The First Years Jet Stroller, City Chic By First Years 9.0 Buy on Amazon

    Best Lightweight Stroller Reviews

    Oftentimes a lightweight stroller is the perfect option for a mom or dad on the go. Older children, as well as the young ones, appreciate a ride on vacations or short trips. And lightweight strollers are perfect for running errands and the like, as these models are usually very versatile as well as portable. Those living in cities and relying on subways, cabs, or buses to get around will appreciate the sturdy stroller that still folds down quickly to a compact size.

    Even though strollers with larger tires are easier to push for long walks, the heavier stroller may be more difficult to transport easily. While the best lightweight strollers often come at a higher cost, there are also many affordable options for any family. We hope that by reading our lightweight stroller reviews you will not only feel confident in the safety and comfort of your child in your new stroller, but at a price which easily fits your family budget as well.

    Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller, Tangerine (View on

    The Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller weighs only 11 pounds due to its aluminum frame. Weight tested for up to 37 pounds, this stroller is ideal for infants over six months. As the seat reclines in two positions, this stroller is ideal for any sleepy toddler, however it does not lie all the way flat, making it unsuitable for babies who cannot sit up unassisted. While the basket on the Chicco Capri is smaller than those found on a typical lightweight stroller, many do not include a basket at all.

    The inclusion of the basket on this model is a great advantage, as is the 5 point safety harness to ensure the security of your child. Priced at under $100, this stroller is sure to perform well above its cost. With its ability to fold extremely compactly, the Chicco Capri is very mobile. Its suspension and high quality of steering put the Chicco Capri a step above other lightweight strollers. Maneuvering easily on most grounds, and even being able to steer single handedly on smooth surfaces, the Chicco Capri will get the job done.

    While it is certainly not intended to be an exercise stroller of any kind, this stroller will have no troubles taking a short walk around the park. Folding the stroller requires both hands, and the handle height is non-adjustable. While these may be negatives for some parents, the high quality and portability of the Chicco Capri stroller is not to be ignored. Made even more portable with a built in strap for carrying and a travel bag for longer journeys, the Chicco Capri is great for any parent on the go.

    Peg-Perego 2010 Si Stroller, Black Step (View on

    At just over $250, the Peg Perego Si Light Weight Stroller is truly a high quality option. Sporting one touch, linked brakes and a five point padded harness, it goes a step beyond in safety. This stroller has a removable grab bar to further ensure the security of your child. Unlike several of its competitors, the Peg Perego Si includes a height adjustable handle bar, perfect for parents with widely varied height differences. Reviewed as easy to fold one handed, this stroller is able to stand independently when folded.

    Equipped with a carry handle on the frame for extra portability when folded, this stroller is sure to make travel a breeze. Another feature that puts the Peg Perego Si a step above the rest is its compatibility with an infant car seat. Customers often praise this stroller as extremely comfortable for their children from infancy up to the 45 pound weight limit. While none of the three reclining positions lie completely flat, the seat recline is nice for older children, as is the adjustable foot rest.

    The Peg Perego Si’s basket has received some mixed reviews, some saying it dragged on the ground if filled too heavily. However, this issue seems to have been corrected in the more recent models released. At just 13 pounds, this stroller features large 6.5 inch wheels for such a light weight. The suspension makes it a great choice compared to other lightweight strollers, however it should not be used in replacement of an all-terrain stroller. With its longevity in continuing from infancy to toddler, the Peg Perego Si is definitely worth the price.

    UPPAbaby 2015 G-Lite Stroller, Denny (View on

    The UPPAbaby G-Lite stroller is one of the lightest ones on the market. At just 8.3 pounds, you can be sure that this stroller is extremely portable, and priced at $150, it is extremely affordable as well. Parents are often reviewed as loving the sturdy aluminum frame of the UPPAbaby G-Lite, and the brand has great praise all around. Featuring an extremely functional canopy, your child is sure to be shielded from the sun.

    The storage basket is also reviewed as very easy to access. Equipped with a hand level trigger, the folding and unfolding of a stroller has never been easier. The UPPAbaby G-Lite also has the ability to stand on its own when folded. Reviews rave over the smoothness of the ride provided in such a lightweight stroller, and it is often rated as extremely easy to maneuver. While some parents complain that the weight limit of 40 pounds is a bit low, it is to be expected with such a light frame.

    Infants under six months should not use this stroller, as they will not be able to suitably support themselves. With its water and stain resistant fabric, as well as removable seat pad, you will never have to worry about messes or accidents again. The portability of this stroller is only added to with the carry strap, making this an excellent option for a lightweight stroller.

    Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller In Black (View on

    The Baby Jogger City Mini is priced at just under $200. Featuring a one handed fold that is not available on many competitors, this stroller is extremely well priced. With a higher level of maneuverability, your little one will never have a smoother ride in a lightweight stroller. With a front wheel that locks in place, even a longer stroll can remain comfortable for baby.

    Parents review the reclining seat as superior to other models, as it approaches a nearly flat position. because of this, infants are able to begin using this stroller as young as three months, and up to 50 pounds. Customers also highly review the large sun shade and highly breathable, yet padded seat. Some parents may find the lack of an adjustable handle bar as a negative, and may want to find a stroller that is better suited for those who are above average in height.

    Weighing in at 16.8 pounds, the Baby Jogger City Mini is at the high end of lightweight strollers.Many parents do wish that it sported a more transportable frame, but it still weighs much less than other stroller counterparts. The wheels are a large 8 inches, which contributes largely to the smoothness of the ride for your little one.

    The First Years Jet Stroller, City Chic (View on

    The First Years Ignite Stroller rivals high end strollers in not only its convenience, but its performance as well. Reviewers often cite this stroller as extremely sturdy for its 14 pounds, and its larger 6 inch wheels provide a much smoother ride than several competitors. While the canopy and basket may be considered skimpy in comparison to other similar models, the extremely low price of $60 makes up for that. For such a low price, the surprising durability of this stroller is astounding. Owners have reviewed the First Years Ignite stroller as extremely stable, in part due to its slightly bulkier weight.

    The front wheels also lock for added stability on more bumpy roads. This stroller receives high remarks for its easy folding and unfolding, and despite its lack of carry handle, is easy to carry by the frame. Owners often rave about the parent console that adds another level of convenience to the trip. And with a 50 pound weight limit, you can be sure that your child will not outgrow the First Years Ignite Stroller for a long time.

    Best Lightweight Stroller

    Buy The UPPAbaby 2015 G-Lite Stroller, Denny on

    Weighing in at just 8.3 pounds, we chose the UPPAbaby G-Lite stroller as our top choice for the best lightweight stroller. Not only is it one of the lightest strollers available today, but it is extremely durable and affordable as well. With an extremely easy folding mechanism and smooth ride, you and your child will be sure to love the UPPAbaby G-Lite stroller. Out of all of our reviewed lightweight strollers, this one stands above the rest in affordability matched with quality.