There are many different varieties and types you can choose from when it comes to generators.

    There are the larger models that can power your entire home and even some commercial buildings. Then, there are the smaller ones that have the advantage of being portable, but which aren’t as powerful.

    The smaller, portable generators won’t be able to power your entire house along with all of your major appliances. But, they are a good solution in a case of an emergency and they can provide at least some comfort until the main electricity comes back on.

    One such generator that fills this role admirably is the Predator 2000 (model #62523).

    Is It Worth Your Money?

    Predator 2000 Inverter Generator

    The Predator 2000 gives you the ability to enjoy its portable and compact nature while still providing enough power to run your essentials. You are getting a lot of value for its price (less than $575).

    Just don’t expect to run too many things at once.

    Pros and Cons


    • Lightweight and portable
    • Two 120 volt outlets
    • Inverter technology
    • Comment Check
      Provides 2,000 watts with the ability to pair it for 4,000 watts


    • Pull start
    • Doesn’t have a very large fuel tank
    • Might not have enough power to run large appliances
    • Can only power a couple of small appliances at one time

    Detailed Review & Breakdown

    This portable generator provides a lot of benefits for its price, but it might not be the best option for everyone. Here is everything you need to know if you’re even slightly interested in buying this Predator 2000 generator.

    • Features
    • Specs
    • Ease of Use & Reliability
    • Cost


    This model is able to provide, as the name suggests, 2000 peak watts.

    Some people will find this number to be a bit small, but it is definitely enough energy to power almost all basic appliances.

    You’ll be able to keep your water softener and heater running, keep your refrigerator cool, power a couple LED TVs, several lamps, a clothes washer, a microwave, fans or a portable heater, a dishwasher, and your coffee maker.

    The downside is that you can’t power all of those items at one time.

    The portability, however, means that you can take it to whichever appliance or room needs power at any one time. You could also pair it with another Predator 2000 to increase its max wattage to 4,000. This is useful if you need to run heavier power tools or equipment.

    You also won’t be able to power anything that requires a 240 volt outlet as this generator only comes with two 120 volt plug-ins.

    The Predator 2000 has an air-cooled 79.7 cc engine. This gives the generator a longer life, ample protection, and enough energy to power your household appliances. It is an OHV engine with most of the parts being manufactured in China.

    There is also an electronic overload protection feature included in this generator. This keeps it from being damaged.

    It features a low oil indicator light, and an automatic shut off activates when there is not enough oil to keep running.

    As mentioned above, this model is very small compared to others.

    You don’t want to go for this one if you need to power up a large home or a commercial or industrial building. It will do the job in the bicycle shop for powering up compressors, light bulbs, and fans, but nothing heavy duty.  

    Who Is This For?

    Considering its size and portability, this generator is suitable for everyone with a smaller home or building.

    A small shop could use it to run compressors and fans, or you could include it in your work truck for powering equipment and chargers on the jobsite.

    It’s also suitable for people who like to go camping, boating, or fishing as it will run any appliances and charge any batteries that you need.

    Thanks to its compact size, low weight, long run time, and fuel efficiency, you can take it anywhere.

    Our Opinion

    Predator 2000 Inverter Generator

    The Predator 2000 will do a good job if you want to use it at your house to run basic and small appliances during a power outage. 

    It also makes a great add-on to your weekend adventures or to power up the tools in your garage if you need to take them with you to a jobsite.

    The small size and the light weight of it only add more to its usability and portability.

    You won’t have to deal with a bulky and huge unit during your trip if you decide to go for this option.

    You can also use the parallel feature of this model to get up to 4000 watts at one time.

    Other Options Worth Looking At

    Honda EU2000

    Another option worthy of your consideration is the Honda EU2000. It comes from a reputable brand and delivers the same power output as the Predator 2000.

    WEN 56200i

    The WEN 56200i is another model worth your time: it has almost the same specifications as our reviewed model, and a lower price tag to boot.